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How to get a free Domain

 In this article, we will discuss how to get the domain. You need to know that the domain extension is a free domain extension since 1996, meaning that the domain is 100% free and has a long life as well as the domain.

Free Domain

What Is Domain .EU.ORG? is the domain free in a hurry bloggers, although the free domain have a lot of advantages that you can get when using it. Although free, domain quite difficult to obtain. it is intended that domain not in use by the persons who are not responsible.

The Advantages Of The Domain .EU.ORG

Adapaun excellence from the domain .eu,. org are as follows:

Can be installed in Cloudflare

Actual is the domain TLD, but because the domain consists of the two words as if like a subdomain. Many say that the domain is a subdomain. Want that TLD domain or subdomain that important can be installed in Cloudflare.

Can be used to sign up for Google Adsense

If the blog you have a blog with a domain and want to termonetasi then you can try to register to Google Adsense. Please be aware of the domain in fact aimed at a non-profit organization, but I don't know why a lot of users in the domain get leeway.

Long life

As long as not used for things that are forbidden, domain can last a long time.

How To Get The Domain .EU.ORG

There are a few things that must be prepared before registration of the domain, the preparation and the steps are as follows:

- Use a VPN during the registration process, such as Winscribe (Chrome extension)

- E-mail from Gmail

- Free DNS from Hostry

- Get the data yourself in the Fakenamegenerator


1. Get yourself the latest in Fakenamegenerator

Why do we have to use identity or dara yourself from fake name generator, it aims to accelerate the process of acc is registered. Could actually just use data ourselves without having to menggunalan data from fakenamegenerator, but the possibility of approvenya small.

To get the data themselves as europeans,we can use fakenamegenerator. Select one of the european countries then generate. Use the data for the registration process hostry and domain

2. Register at the hostry

The main purpose register hostry is to get free DNS, because we need the DNS that we will connect to the domain

Please direct registration in

3. Sign up .EU.ORG

Furthermore, just do the registration in the don't forget to enable VPN in advance.

Click Sign Up Here, than click Register

Input your name (real name), email, and in the column below the content by using the information that you get through the fakenamegenerator.

Domain Gratis

Click Create, the next will appear a notification of success.

Open the email and click the activation link contained in the email.

Free Domain

Next click Validate, and then click Log In using the account you have created earlier.

Then the next window will appear like the image below, please click on the button New Domain next will appear a new window.

Free Domain

In the column Complete domain name, enter the domain name you want, complete with the extension for example

Next, open the tab Hostry, click Services and select Free DNS

Then input the domain last, and then select create DNS

After that select Create a second will appear a list of DNS, copy the DNS and open on the column Name1 - Name4 and click Submit.

Domain Gratis

After that it will pop up a notification that domain you made have been successful.

The last step is to wait for the notification of Approved, usually you have to wait for 7 days, but sometimes can be up to 2 months before the domain you can use.

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