Mount Buttu Kabobong (Mount Nona) Enrekang Tourism

 Mount Buttu Kabobong tourism (Mount Nona) Enrekang - Mount Buttu Kabobong is a mountain that is a famous tourist attraction in Enrekang Regency, after Mount Latimojong.

What makes Mount Buttu kabobong famous is because of the uniqueness of this mountain, where this mountain if viewed carefully will look like the female sex, therefore this mountain has many names there are those who name it kobobong which means erotic, and many also call this mountain as Mount Nona.

This place is in great demand by many tourists who travel far and when how many in enrekang they will stop to take pictures on this mountain.Mount Buttu Kabobong or Mount Nona is located in Bambapuang Village, Anggeraja District, Enrekang regency, South Sulawesi province, Indonesia.

If you go to mount Buttu Kabobong you will see a natural landscape that impresses you because in the area of Mount buttu kabobong you can see the beautiful mountains lined up, the beauty of the hills and also the coolness and freshness of the river can be seen here.

In addition, on the other side of this mountain you can see the slope of bambapuang which is 1157 meters to see the sunset. and other beauties that exist in this mountain are its flora and fauna such as monkeys, buffalo deer and also orchid flowers.

in addition, there is a myth or legend that accompanies the mountain, which starts from the story of the kingdom in soppeng which was prosperous because it was led by a wise and wise king. Where this sense has a daughter who is an only child.

This princess also grew up and was married in a traditional way by a prince who came from the land of suppa (Kingdom of Suppa), where this prince was a good friend of King soppeng who had the child.

News of the wedding of Princess soppeng and Prince suppa Kingdom has been heard all over, and finally the wedding preparations adatpun been prepared. Putri did not agree with this marriage because she felt that she did not know her future husband. So the princess decided to run away from the kingdom.

The King of Soppeng, who was embarrassed by his daughter's behavior, ordered the entire work apparatus to search for his daughter all over, and finally there were work troops who found the princess, but the princess was not alone, she was with a man named Tandu Mataranna Enrekang Laki Barakkanna Puang.

The soldiers were afraid to arrest the princess because the princess was protected by the man with the big body, so all the soldiers went back to work and reported to their king. Finally the king ordered the chief to mediate between the royal soldier and the man.

Negotiations between the headman and the Mataranna Enrekang Laki Barakkanna Puang palanquin continued with the decision of the soldiers to take the princess with a note that they must return her to life, and the headman agreed to that condition. However, when the two were negotiating there was a soldier who saved, he also cut the Princess's body from behind into two parts

Where the stomach to the head is lost washed away into the river, and it is said that the river water now does not pass through soppeng Regency, and from the stomach to the feet of the princess remains in the anggeraja area, which is said to be the body that became Mount Buttu Kabobong (Mount Nona) at the present time.

That's a piece of history or legend that follows the presence of Mount Buttu kabobong enrekang. If you want to go on this mountain tour you have to travel to enrekang Regency where this regency is approximately 253 from Makassar City, you can take it by using an inter-city bus that takes approximately 5 hours, after that from enrekang city you have to travel approximately 20 minutes to get to this Mountain view place, where there is a special place that is provided to take pictures against the background of this mountain. But the advice from me would be very good if you see this mountain up close.

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