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This story tells about Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara's efforts to thwart the marriage of Raden Pancawala and Dewi Pregiwati, and slander Raden Gatutkaca as a form of revenge for his failure to marry Dewi Pregiwa.



In the Kingdom of Hastina, Prabu Duryudana presided over a meeting which was attended by Danghyang Druna from Padepokan Sokalima, Adipati Karna from Awangga, Patih Sangkuni from Plasajenar, and Raden Kartawarma from Tirtatinalang.

That day, King Duryodhana said that a few days ago he received an invitation letter from King Puntadewa in the Kingdom of Amarta. The letter mentioned about King Puntadewa who wanted to be with Raden Arjuna, through the marriage between Raden Pancawala and Dewi Pregiwati.

Prabu Duryudana was actually lazy to attend the invitation, because his son, Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara, had failed to compete with the Pandavas for three times. The first, Raden Lesmana lost to Raden Abhimanyu when fighting over Dewi Sitisundari.

The second, Raden Lesmana lost to Raden Gatutkaca when fighting over Dewi Pregiwa. And thirdly, his son lost again to Raden Abhimanyu when fighting over Wahyu Cakraningrat. The shame that his son always lost in competition made King Duryodhana reluctant to meet the Pandavas.

However, Prabu Duryudana said that his consort, Dewi Banuwati, was eager to attend Raden Pancawala's wedding with Dewi Pregiwati. King Duryodhana has tried to refuse but his wife still insists. Until finally, King Duryudana granted Dewi Banuwati's request, that they would go to attend the wedding in the Amarta Kingdom.


When Prabu Duryudana was discussing preparations to attend the wedding, suddenly Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara came with Dewi Banuwati. Raden Lesmana seemed to be crying and whining, while Dewi Banuwati looked very angry. King Duryodhana also asked if they were fighting. Raden Lesmana replied that his mother no longer loved him. When he asked to marry Dewi Pregiwati, instead of supporting, Dewi Banuwati got angry.


Prabu Duryudana reprimanded Dewi Banuwati for scolding Raden Lesmana for crying like that. Dewi Banuwati replied, Dewi Pregiwati was about to be married to Raden Pancawala, why should everything be disturbed. There are still many other girls, why should you bother someone else's future wife?

Patih Shakuni interrupted to speak. He said why only now was Dewi Banuwati blocking Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara's intention to seize someone else's future wife. Didn't Raden Lesmana some time ago also interfere with Raden Abhimanyu's engagement with Dewi Sitisundari, as well as Raden Gatutkaca's engagement with Dewi Pregiwa? Why was Dewi Banuwati silent at that time? Why is he now so angry that he wants to block his son's intention to take Dew Pregiwati? What is the relationship between Dewi Banuwati and Dewi Pregiwati, and why can't Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara marry that girl?

Dewi Banuwati could not answer. He understood that Patih Sangkuni was suspecting that Dewi Pregiwati was the child of his relationship with Raden Arjuna. So, he replied that his aim was to prevent Raden Lesmana from being embarrassed for the umpteenth time. It's better to find another woman who isn't engaged to anyone, than to embarrass her parents.

Raden Lesmana replied that before the yellow leaves curled there was still a chance for him to get the girl of his dreams. Patih Sangkuni confirmed his grandson's words. However, Dewi Banuwati said, the decision was in the hands of King Duryudana. If the husband supports his son's wishes, then he will ask for a divorce and return to the Mandraka Kingdom.

King Duryodhana was surprised to hear his wife's threat. He thought that if he divorced the empress, of course he as a great king would be greatly embarrassed. So, he replied that he would not comply with Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara's wish to marry Dewi Pregiwati. Raden Lesmana was very disappointed to hear his father's decision. He also declared to leave the Kingdom of Hastina. After saying that, the spoiled prince then ran away from the meeting.

Dewi Banuwati is grateful for King Duryudana's decision, which this time did not comply with Raden Lesmana's wish. He then invited his husband to get ready to go to the Kingdom of Amarta to attend the wedding invitation of Raden Pancawala and Dewi Pregiwati. Patih Sangkuni quipped Dewi Banuwati who wanted to rush to meet Raden Arjuna, so she didn't care about her own son who had run away from the palace.

Hearing the satire, King Duryudana also asked Adipati Karna to follow Raden Lesmana's departure and bring his son back. Adipati Karna agreed and immediately went to carry out the task. Prabu Duryudana then dismissed the meeting and invited Danghyang Druna, Patih Shakuni and the Kauravas to prepare for the Amarta Kingdom.


Adipati Karna came out of the palace and was greeted by Patih Adimanggala. He asked the patih if he saw where Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara had gone. Patih Adimanggala replied that he had seen Raden Lesmana racing his horse as fast as he could to the north. Adipati Karna also invited Patih Adimanggala to follow the young man, because this was the duty of King Duryudana.

Raden Lesmana himself has no experience leaving the palace, except that some time ago he participated in a race to pick up Wahyu Cakraningrat in the Krendayana Forest. So, in despair because his father did not support him to marry, all he could think of was Krendayana Forest. He also spurred his horse towards the forest.

Adipati Karna and Patih Adimanggala in pursuit saw Raden Lesmana enter the Krendayana Forest. They rushed to follow. Until finally, they were able to block Raden Lesmana and invite him back to the palace. Raden Lesmana refused to be taken home.

He would rather die of suicide by wild animals than return to the palace to meet parents who do not love him. Adipati Karna tried to persuade his nephew but Raden Lesmana still refused to go home. Adipati Karna was forced to use violence. He also arrested Raden Lesmana and took him by force.


 Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara who was already in the hands of Adipati Karna shouted for help. At that time, suddenly a king who claimed to be named Prabu Wirambadewa appeared. Together with his troops, he attacked Adipati Karna and Patih Adimanggala.

Adipati Karna and Patih Adimanggala defended themselves against them. Then there was a battle, where the Duke of Karna, who was alone, faced a king with his army. Nevertheless, Adipati Karna and Patih Adimanggala were still able to overcome them. Prabu Wirambadewa felt pressed and shouted for the help of an army of spirits.

Suddenly there came an army of spirits led by the demon king named Ki Jaramaya. They joined in raiding Adipati Karna and Patih Adimanggala. The two of them were overwhelmed. Adipati Karna used a magic arrow that had been enchanted to ward off the group of spirits.

Ki Jaramaya was frightened and withdrew his troops. Adipati Karna then turned to Raden Lemana Mandrakumara and saw that the young man had been taken away by his own brother-in-law, namely Raden Burisrawa who turned out to be in the army of Prabu Wirambadewa.

The enemy has retreated and the atmosphere is quiet again. Adipati Karna and Patih Adimanggala pursued deeper and deeper into the Krendayana Forest but to no avail. Nevertheless, Adipati Karna felt a little calm because Raden Lesmana was in the hands of Raden Burisrawa who was his own uncle.



In Setragandamayit Heaven, Batari Durga received the arrival of King Wirambadewa, Ki Jaramaya, and Raden Burisrawa who brought along Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara. Raden Burisrawa has been studying with Batari Durga for a long time and this time he introduces Raden Lesmana as his nephew, the son of Dewi Banuwati, his third brother.

Raden Burisrawa also told that on the road he saw Raden Lesmana arrested by Adipati Karna and arrested to be taken home. Raden Burisrawa did not know what the problem was between them, but he really wanted to help his nephew.

Raden Burisrawa was about to attack, but he was afraid of the supernatural powers of Adipati Karna who was also his brother-in-law (Adipati Karna's wife was Dewi Srutikanti, Raden Burisrawa's number two sister). Fortunately, Prabu Wirambadewa happened to be passing by with his troops.

This King Wirambadewa was the son of Batari Durga who was about to go to his mother in Setragandamayit Heaven. Raden Burisrawa also asked for help so that King Wirambadewa intervened to help his nephew. Prabu Wirambadewa and his troops then advanced to attack Adipati Karna and Patih Adimanggala. It turned out that the two people were very strong and hard to beat. Fortunately, Prabu Wirambadewa got help from Ki Jaramaya, the head of a spirit who was a follower of Batari Durga.

Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara was frightened when he was introduced to the scary-faced Batari Durga. However, after learning that this Batari Durga was the teacher of Raden Burisrawa, he became a bit brave. He also asked for protection from the giant-looking goddess from the pursuit of Adipati Karna. He wanted to serve in Setragandamayit Heaven like his uncle.

Batari Durga is happy to accept Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara as a student and teach him magic, but on the condition that after he dies, Raden Lesmana's spirit must become part of the army of spirits who follow Kahyangan Setragandamayit.

Raden Lesmana asked his uncle for consideration on this matter. Raden Burisrawa replied that it doesn't matter, the important thing is that you can repay the hurt, that's the most important. Hearing that, Raden Lesmana agreed and stated that he was willing to accept Batari Durga's terms.

Batari Durga was happy to see Raden Lesmana's sincerity. He also asked what kind of magical knowledge Raden Lesmana would like to have in order to take revenge. Raden Lesmana answered that he wanted to be able to disappear invisible to others and be able to make others fall asleep.

Batari Durga agrees. Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara was also given Aji Panglimunan and Aji Sirep, but they could only be used for a day and a night. Raden Lesmana thanked him and asked to leave for the Kingdom of Amarta to disrupt the marriage of Raden Pancawala and Dewi Pregiwati.

Raden Burisrawa could not bear his nephew to go alone. He then begged Batari Durga to watch Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara from afar with Prabu Wirambadewa.


 Meanwhile in the Kingdom of Amarta, precisely in Kesatrian Madukara, a wedding ceremony is being held between Raden Pancawala, the son of Prabu Puntadewa, and Dewi Pregiwati, the daughter of Raden Arjuna.

The guests who attended included all of the Five Pandavas and their children and wives, Prabu Kresna from Dwarawati, King Baladewa from Mandura, King Duryudana and Dewi Banuwati, Patih Shakuni, and the Kauravas from the Hastina Kingdom.

After the ceremony was over, the bride and groom asked the elders for blessing. When asking for the blessing of Dewi Banuwati, Dewi Pregiwati was hugged and prayed at length. Patih Sangkuni insinuated why other people's children are so dear, while their own children are neglected. Maybe when they were born, Dewi Pregiwati and Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara were exchanged children.

Dewi Banuwati was angry to hear Patih Sangkuni's insinuation and left the palace instead of a quarrel. King Duryodhana immediately went out after his wife.


In the evening, Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara arrived at Kesatrian Madukara. He deployed Aji Panglimunan so that it was not seen by everyone. Then, he deployed Aji Sirep who made all the residents of the Madukara Knights sleep soundly.

The influence of Aji Sirep taught by Batari Durga has worked. Raden Gatutkaca who was in charge of maintaining security seemed to fall asleep standing up. Raden Lesmana also came to him and pulled out the Keris Kalanadah which was tucked in his cousin's waist.

Raden Lesmana's intention was to stab the heirloom keris into Raden Gatutkaca's chest but he canceled it. Apparently he had another idea. The Kalanadah Keris will be used to commit the crime of slander.

Raden Lesmana then brought Keris Kalanadah to the bridal chamber. After finding him, he opened the door and went inside. Raden Pancawala and Dewi Pregiwati were seen sleeping together. Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara laughed mockingly because the bride and groom had not had time to enjoy the first night but had fallen asleep due to the Aji Sirep he had deployed.

Raden Lesmana then approached the bed and stabbed Raden Pancawala in the chest using the Kalanadah Keris. Dewi Pregiwati woke up when her husband's blood soaked her body. She screamed in terror and screamed for help. Raden Lesmana was surprised but he realized he was invisible because he was using Aji Panglimunan. So, sneakily, he left the bridal chamber.


The Pandavas and the other guests woke up and immediately entered the bridal chamber. They were surprised to see Dewi Pregiwati crying while hugging Raden Pancawala who had died. Raden Arjuna asked his daughter what had happened.

Dewi Pregiwati replied that when she entered the room with Raden Pancawala, they were both very sleepy and fell fast asleep. Suddenly Dewi Pregiwati felt her body wet and woke up from sleep. Suddenly, her husband was stabbed to death with a dagger.

Prabu Baladewa observed that the dagger stuck in Raden Pancawala's chest was Raden Arjuna's Kalanadah Keris. He was angry and accused Raden Arjuna of killing his own son-in-law. Raden Arjuna said that the Kalanadah Keris was no longer his, but he had handed it over to Raden Gatutkaca, because the heirloom keris belonged to Prabu Tremboko, which was left at the feet of Prabu Pandu during the Pamuksa War. Prabu Kresna confirmed this because he himself was a witness when Raden Arjuna handed the Keris Kalanadah to Raden Gatutkaca some time ago.


Prabu Baladewa said, that means that the perpetrator of Raden Pancawala's murder was Raden Gatutkaca. Arya Wrekodara was very angry to hear that. He jumped out of the room to hit his son.

Meanwhile, Prabu Puntadewa seemed to remain calm even though his son was dead. In his heart he was sure that Raden Pancawala's death was not yet time. So, he also asked Prabu Kresna to revive his son using the Wijayakusuma Flower.

Prabu Krishna granted his cousin's request. He also took out the heirloom flower and passed it over Raden Pancawala's body while reciting a spell. Instantly Raden Pancawala came back to life a sign that his death was not now.


Arya Wrekodara who was burned with anger had found Raden Gatutkaca sleeping standing up. He also woke his son and immediately beat him. Raden Gatutkaca was surprised but did not dare to fight against his own father. He only obeyed when his body was hit and kicked by Arya Wrekodara.

King Krishna, King Puntadewa, King Balarama, Raden Arjuna, and others came to intervene. King Duryudana and Patih Shakuni also came. Prabu Puntadewa said Raden Gatutkaca did not need to be persecuted because Raden Pancawala had been revived by Prabu Kresna. Raden Gatutkaca did not know anything about the murder. He also asked for permission to investigate the case and promised to catch the real culprit.

Prabu Duryudana said the evidence was clear, namely the Kalanadah Keris stuck in Raden Pancawala's chest. That means Raden Gatutkaca is the perpetrator of the murder, nothing else. Raden Gatutkaca replied that there was someone who used the syrup and put him to sleep, then that person stole the heirloom keris on his waist.

Patih Sangkuni said that was the only reason the culprits were caught. There are reasons that were given, whether it was slandered, whether it was engineered, or whether it was wronged, there were various reasons.

Prabu Puntadewa said this matter did not need to be extended because his son was alive again. King Duryodhana did not agree. Raden Gatutkaca has committed the sin of murdering his own cousin, so this must be thoroughly investigated. Law must be enforced.

Prabu Puntadewa is famous as a just king, lest anyone curse behind his back that the law in the Kingdom of Amarta only applies to commoners. Patih Sangkuni also added, urging Prabu Puntadewa to punish Raden Gatutkaca, not indiscriminately even against his own nephew.

Arya Wrekodara said that he would be the one to put his own son to death. After saying this, he also intended to stab Raden Gatutkaca in the chest using Pancanaka Nails, but his hand was held by Prabu Kresna. Let Prabu Puntadewa decide, don't play judge by yourself.

Prabu Puntadewa also considered what punishment was appropriate for Raden Gatutkaca. Considering that his son had come back to life, Raden Gatutkaca was not sentenced to death, but was sentenced to exile in the middle of the forest. Patih Sangkuni said that it was too dangerous considering that Raden Gatutkaca was very powerful. He suggested that Raden Gatutkaca's body be tied with steel chains under a large tree, so that his hands could no longer be used to kill people.

Prabu Puntadewa and the other Pandavas agreed. So, Raden Gatutkaca was taken to the forest to undergo the banishment sentence, then tied with a steel chain under a large tree.


Dewi Pregiwa, who heard the news that her husband had been sentenced to exile, immediately went to follow with food. Raden Gatutkaca was moved to welcome his wife's arrival and asked if Dewi Pregiwa did not suspect him. Dewi Pregiwa replied that she was sure her husband was slandered people. Sooner or later, the real culprit will definitely be caught.

After Raden Gatutkaca ate his fill and was fed by his wife, then Dewi Pregiwa realized that she did not bring drinking water. So, she also asked her husband to say goodbye to fetch water from the nearest river. Dewi Pregiwa then walked alone, leaving Raden Gatutkaca. He did not realize that Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara was secretly following from behind while deploying Aji Panglimunan.

After some distance from Raden Gatutkaca, then Raden Lesmana appeared in front of Dewi Pregiwa. Goddess Pregiwa was surprised to see his appearance. Raden Lesmana also seduced with sweet words for Dewi Pregiwa to come with him instead of waiting for her husband who was serving his sentence. He said Raden Gatutkaca was not a loyal husband because he secretly liked Dewi Pregiwati and killed Raden Pancawala. However, Goddess Pregiwa did not believe it. She was sure that someone else was slandering her husband.

Raden Lesmana lost his temper and intended to rape Dewi Pregiwa. He also said that it was he who had slandered Raden Gatutkaca. Dewi Pregiwa was shocked and screamed for help. Hearing his wife's voice in danger, Raden Gatutkaca was very angry. His strength increased and he was able to break the steel chains that bound his body into pieces. After being freed from the shackles, he then flew towards his wife's voice. There he saw Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara about to do evil to Dewi Pregiwa.

Raden Gatutkaca immediately beat Raden Lesmana. Raden Lesmana's body was beaten and kicked until he was battered. Raden Lesmana was about to fight but he realized that he was weak and defeated. So, he again mobilized Aji Panglimunan so that his body was not seen by the opponent.

Raden Gatutkaca and Dewi Pregiwa were surprised to see Raden Lesmana's form disappearing from sight. Suddenly Raden Gatutkaca felt like someone had hit him from behind. When he was about to reply, Raden Lesmana had already left.


Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara repeatedly hit Raden Gatutkaca then dodged or lay down, so Raden Gatutkaca could not retaliate. Raden Gatutkaca cursed his cousin as a coward, but Raden Lesmana did not answer. Although a crybaby, but Raden Lesmana has a cunning talent inherited from his father.

Suddenly Raden Abhimanyu came with the panakawan. Kyai Semar could read what was going on. He also ordered his three children to find and slaughter animals that have blood. There happened to be a wild boar passing by. Nala Gareng, Petruk, and Bagong immediately caught and slaughtered the animal, then on Kyai Semar's orders, they poured blood on the person who hit Raden Gatutkaca.

Once drenched in the blood of a wild boar, Raden Lesmana's form became vaguely formed. Aji Panglimunan can no longer be used. Raden Gatutkaca was happy and immediately arrested his enemy. Raden Lesmana shouted for help, calling out his uncle's name.


Raden Burisrawa and Prabu Wirambadewa came to help. Raden Gatutkaca and Raden Abhimanyu came forward to face them, while Raden Lesmana was tied up by the panakawans. Facing the two young knights, Raden Burisrawa and Prabu Wirambadewa were overwhelmed, then fled.


Raden Gatutkaca, Dewi Pregiwa, Raden Abhimanyu, and the panakawans brought the bound and bloodied Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara back to the Amarta Kingdom. The Pandavas, King Krishna, King Balarama, and King Duryodhana were surprised to see this sight. King Duryodhana was angry to see his son covered in blood. He accused Raden Gatutkaca of having left the place of punishment and returned to doing evil by torturing his son.

Raden Abhimanyu explained that it was not Raden Lesmana's blood, but the blood of a wild boar that was splashed on him. Kyai Semar added that the perpetrator of the murder of Raden Pancawala was Raden Lesmana who received supernatural powers from Batari Durga. King Duryudana did not believe his son could do such a thing, but Raden Lesmana who was poor in experience could not lie. He admitted that he had indeed killed Raden Pancawala and slandered Raden Gatutkaca.

King Duryodhana was very embarrassed and he begged King Puntadewa to forgive his son. Arya Wrekodara did not accept and asked that the law be enforced. Prabu Duryudana also apologized because his son had slandered Raden Gatutkaca, son of Arya Wrekodara. However, Arya Wrekodara did not want to forgive because he almost killed his own son because of Raden Lesmana's slanderous crime.

King Puntadewa also intervened. He said that the punishment would not be imposed if Raden Gatutkaca and Raden Pancawala sincerely forgave Raden Lesmana Mandrakumara. Raden Gatutkaca was silent. However, seeing Raden Lesmana's battered condition when he was hit in the forest earlier, he felt sorry for him. So, Raden Gatutkaca also stated that he had forgiven Raden Lesmana.

Raden Pancawala and Dewi Pregiwati were also presented at the trial. The newlywed couple also forgave Raden Lesmana, on the condition that Raden Lesmana for life should no longer disturb Dewi Pregiwa, Dewi Pregiwati, and Dewi Sitisundari. Raden Lesmana agreed. He said that there were many other women and he would not disturb the three women.

Dewi Banuwati came and apologized for her son's shameful actions. He then invited Raden Lesmana and Prabu Duryudana to return to the Hastina Kingdom.

Prabu Puntadewa also stated that the ban on Raden Gatutkaca was no longer valid. He then held a thanksgiving party for the resolution of this slander problem.