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Cireng Makanan Khas Jawa Barat

 Cireng is a typical food from West Java, precisely in Bandung, cireng comes from two words aci and fried, namely food made from tapioca dough and starch and other seasonings by frying. Here is a delicious and delicious cireng recipe.


Source material:

- 2 white tofu boards / 200 gr, mash with a fork

- 2 tbsp sago flour

- 1 scallion sliced

- 1 tablespoon garlic powder / 3 cloves b. white puree

- 1 tsp salt

- 200 ml of water

- 200 gr sago flour (dry flour)

- Right amount of oil.


Rujak Seasoning Ingredients:

Mix all ingredients together, bring to a boil

- 200 gr brown sugar comb

- 1 clove of fried white b., puree

- 15 cayenne pepper / according to taste, puree

- 1/4 tsp fried shrimp paste, puree

- 2 tbsp tamarind water

- 1 lb lime leaves

- Salt to taste

- 50 ml of water / to taste


How to cook :

1. Prickly: prepare a non-stick frying pan, put all the ingredients for the starter into it, mix well, make sure the flour doesn't settle, turn on the stove and cook on low heat until thickened, turn off

2. Pour the starter into the dry flour, stir as long as it doesn't have to be all wet flour or mixed well so it's a bit crunchy (don't knead it so the results aren't tough)

3. Shape the dough into a flat shape (as long as you don't press too much) then fry it in hot oil over medium heat until cooked or crispy, remove and drain.

4. Serve cireng with rujak seasoning.

Good luck,....

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