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Sri Huning behind Love Throne and Power

 Depart from interest in poetry gending Jawa traditional shaped kesenian tayub titled “Sri Huning Mustika Tuban”, intrigued to re-write the history of a brave woman from Tuban ancient named Sri Huning.

Sri Huning

The story of the courage of women is very popular as one of the folk Legend that was told from generation to generation in the north coastal region of Central Java and East (from Jepara, Tuban, Lamongan) until towards the south from Bojonegoro up to Ponorogo.

The background time of the story of Sri Huning this happened in the era-the era of the beginning of the establishment of the Kingdom of Majapahit. Narrated, Raden Wijaya as the founder of the Majapahit Empire had some colleagues who also contributed to establish his reign, which is Ronggolawe that later in the day because of his services he was awarded the position as the minor king (duke) in the Palace or Kingdom of Tuban.

The future is also based on the information written in serat Pararaton, Ranggalawe was violently killed in the hands of the forces of Raden Wijaya as punishment for an attempt of a rebellion by Ronggolawe initiated by the provocation of the antagonist named Mahapati. After the death of the Duke of Ranggalawe, the position of the queen (regardless of gender, culture, Java native call the king as “the Queen” which is derived from the word “Datu” or ruler) down to the son of the Duke of Ranggalawe, namely Suralawe. Once enthroned, a title he bears become the Duke of Hariyo Surolawe.

Meanwhile, little to discuss about the system of government and bureaucracy Majapahit era, little lot no different with the situation of government administration in Indonesia today. That is, the central government is located in the Palace of Majapahit who is most likely located in the area of the District Trowulan district, Mojokerto Regency, in charge of small kingdoms throughout the Archipelago.

The position of small kingdoms it became the direct responsibility of the Majapahit Palace. Furthermore, the small kingdoms of this authority is similar to the level of the regency era of modern nowadays. Therefore keraton-keraton small is then referred to as “the Duchy” or “Wengker”, the king called the queen with the title of “Duke” or “Demat”.  Among the tens or perhaps hundreds of the Duchy owned by the Majapahit Kingdom, there are three kingdoms that are involved in this story, namely the Duchy of Tuban, Duchy of Bojonegoro and the Duchy of Lamongan.

With regard to the political situation because of the many kingdoms under the auspices of the Palace of Majapahit, a variety of political intrigue can not be inevitable. Rivalry or alliance between small kingdoms of the unavoidable.

Disputes sometimes end up with lesser war which will then be extinguished by force by the central government (the Palace of Majapahit) similarly, the efforts of the fellowship can be realized with the “wedding palace” with a system of “matchmaking”.

Forget love, solely for the sake of political interests then are reborn to become part of members of the royal family means should also be always ready to participate in a “force” with members of the other kingdoms of the palace who want to federate.

In summary, the parties involved in the hikayat Sri Huning these can be grouped into three major groups as follows:

1. Main Character

The palace Tuban with the heroine the Duke of Suralawe who has two sons and one daughter, each Raden Wiratmoyo (first child); Raden Wiratmoko (second child); and Roro Sri Huning (the last child)

2. Figure Opponent

The palace Lamongan with the king the Duke of Jolo Sudibyo

3. Figures and a Supporting Role

The palace Bojonegoro with the king the Duke of Sosronegoro who has a daughter the heir to the throne named Raden Ayu Kumoloretno

 Trace of a variety of literacy, the Duke of Raden Hariyo Surolawe ruled and ruling in Tuban in the Year 1291-1306

Back in the day-to-day, in the Palace Tuban, Raden Wiratmoyo as the oldest son of the Duke Suralawe predicted will be the successor to the reins of power of the Duchy of Tuban next. However, he found himself uneasy because of the romance which he felt to his sister, Roro Sri Huning.

And yes, it looks like some of the stories incest to start but let me finish the first part. Because of this anxiety then Raden Wiratmoyo went to her mother to unburden the heart.

From this moment then revealed family secrets that had never been known by Raden Wiratmoyo before. His mother finally revealed a story if the actual Roro Sri Huning is not the biological children of the royal family Tuban, Sri Huning is the princess of abdi dalem grandfather, Raden Wiratmoyo (Duke Ranggalawe) named Wongsopati, who were killed when defending the Duke Ranggalawe when you get the attack warrior special post Raden Wijaya from the Palace of Majapahit.

Sri Huning

Because compassion and remember the service Wongsopati, then Duke of Suralawe and his wife adopt Sri Huning. Hearing this news, giranglah heart Wiratmoyo and he rushes to declare his love to the Roro Sri Huning.

With the unfolding of the origins of himself, Sri Huning received expressions of love from his foster brother ... Wiratmoyo. Since that day resmilah finally interwoven story between Wiratmoyo and Sri Huning, from behind the walls of the palace, their feelings grow stronger.

And with the passage of time, Wiratmoyo then established his heart to marry Sri Huning, for that he rushed to meet his father, the Duke of Suralawe. 

Gasp with the arrival of Wiratmoyo along with his intention, Suralawe then with a heavy heart, told his first child that he is very happy if Wiratmoyo have found the moorings of the liver (from illustrations and assumptions, that Suralawe already guessed that this would happen, Wiratmoyo fell in love with his adoptive sister alone, Sri Huning). 

However, without the knowledge of the Wiratmoyo before, Suralawe have set the marriage between the palace to Wiratmoyo . Suralawe has agreed with the Duke of Sosronegoro Palace from Bojonegoro to marry the daughter of the Palace Bojonegoro, Raden Ayu Kumoloretno with Raden Wiratmoyo. You know the reason right?.

Hear feedbacks from his father, lunglailah Wiratmoyo so also with Sri Huning who smashed his heart to let her lover marries another woman .But once again, for the goals and the virtues that is great, Sri Huning not hinder or even a protest with the decision, he accepted the decision of his adoptive father and let her lover to others.

Meanwhile, from far away in the Kingdom of Lamongan, Duke of Jolo Sudibyo who has ambitions similar to the Duke Suralawe, intending to woo Kumoloretno with the aim to strengthen the alliance with the Palace Bojonegoro.

However, the proposal of the Palace Lamongan is then countered by the Duke Sosronegoro of the Palace Bojonegoro (no more information about the refusal, either because it first makes an agreement with the Palace Tuban or is likely because the Queen Lamongan was married previously and intend to make Kumoloretno from the Palace Bojonegoro as a second wife, no one will be happy with that mess, right?)

Came the day of the wedding has been agreed between the Duchy of Tuban and Bojonegoro. Both, with the same heart-the same destroyed. Wiratmoyo contrary to Bojonegoro is accompanied by Sri Huning as the relatives of the bridesmaids.

The accompaniment of the group also brought the troops of the kingdom as where the conventions of that time. As, the wedding procession was held, unexpectedly, the Duke of Jolo Sudibyo who feels hurt because his proposal is rejected the other day, attacking the Palace Bojonegoro!. The palace Bojonegoro, which at that time was to establish the intent mantu, surprised by the sudden attack from the Palace Lamongan.

The news of the storming of the Kingdom of Lamongan is up to the ears Sri Huning. As the relatives of the laws of the Kingdom Bojonegoro, Sri Huning rushing to leave the Palace Bojonegoro to bring along a group of troops he had brought from the Palace of Tuban. Sri Huning provide back up to the troops Bojonegoro who are not ready with the sudden attack of the elite troops of the Palace Lamongan. 

Good Sri Huning and the senopati from the Palace Bojonegoro never thought among the elite troops of the attacker turned out to also participated in the Duke of Jolo Sudibyo a violent and with his temper successfully ran amok and destroyed the troops of Bojonegoro and Tuban. Sri Huning last as long as the power and working with the senopati from the Palace Bojonegoro dealing directly against the Duke of Jolo Sudibyo. 

The duke of Jolo Sudibyo from Lamongan too strong to be resisted by Sri Huning and the senopati Palace Bojonegoro. Sri Huning lying pathetic with the contents of the stomach are torn apart, while it's some senopati who survived managed to escape and report to the Duke of Sosronegoro.

News of the attack of the Palace Lamongan and the death of Sri Huning is then up to the ears Wiratmoyo in the end. Hear the woman beloved dead, then beringaslah instantly Raden Wiratmoyo, and immediately he left the event illegitimate and following the Sri Huning.

Wiratmoyo shocked by what he saw, and with the wheezing Sri Huning say farewell to Wiratmoyo. He has done his job to make sure the people he loves can complete the wedding without any interference. He told Wiratmoyo, to love unconditionally, the lives he's “anchoring” right or sacrifice is not something that should he fear to be detached and lost.

And then Sri Huning breathed his last breath, die drenched in blood in the arms of Wiratmoyo. See Sri Huning that have been killed, eat gusarlah Wiratmoyo, with tantrums and anger that overflowed he was attacking the Duke of Jolo Sudibyo to avenge the death of Sri Huning.

The story of SRI HUNING is then used as a song, with the lyrics,

"Sri huning mustiko tuban Labuh tresno lan saboyo patiMarang raden wiratmoyo Kang wis prasojo hanambut branti"

"Sri huning daton ngrahitoKang rinipto kadange pribadi Wiratmoyo putra niro Ronggolawe adipati tuban"

"Sri huning putrane abdi Wongso pati nalikane uni Kapupuk ing madyo logo Duk prang tandhing lawan minakjinggo"

"Katresnane wiratmoyoTinampi dene roro sri huning Senadyan wekasan niro Prapteng lampus alabuh negoro"

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