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The fall of the crown prince of Alengkadiraja Indrajit

 The Alengkadiraja war also killed several of Prabu Dasamuka's children. Trisirah, Trikaya, Trimurda and Trinetra all died when they faced the Pancawati knights, Anoman, Anggada and Anila. When Prabu Dasamuka's son with the goddess Sayempraba, named Pratalamaryam stepped into the battlefield, his half-brother Trigangga, Sayempraba's son Anoman immediately approached.


He asked Pratalamaryam to side with King Rama. Pratalamaryam was angry and a brother and sister fight broke out. This fight killed Pratalamaryam, increasing the number of sons of Prabu Dasamuka who died.

Seeing the death of his brothers, Bukbis stepped into the battlefield to retaliate. With his mainstay strength, the fire from his third eye, Bukbis burned a lot of Pancawati's troops. Alternately, the Pancawati warriors fought Bukbis, but Bukbis actually burned Anggada's troops and Anila. The monkey army screamed in the heat of the fire, until Wibisana intervened. He pointed an arrow at a group of mega clouds, until the rain fell heavily.

When the fire went out, Wibisana ordered Anoman to bring a mirror. The mirror was prepared, the fight broke out again and when Bukbis began to emit a blinding light, Anoman was ready to pick him up. Anoman immediately jumped to the side of the glass, avoiding the fire and holding it with the mirror. The fire rays hit the mirror and turned towards Bukbis until it caught fire. Pancawati troops also cheered for victory.


Prabu Rama's troops are increasingly entering the territory of the City of Alengka. Meanwhile, Prabu Dasamuka's favorite son, Indrajit or Megananda, became very angry, especially when he saw his brother died. With his ability Indrajid tried to block the Warriors Rama who continued to enter the capital Alengka. Indrajit was ready with Pusaka Nagapasa, an arrow in the shape of a dragon.

Once released, Nagapasa's Arrows produce a rain of snakes on the battlefield. The venomous snakes were so deadly that even King Rama and Laksmana did not escape their bite. They were both drugged into oblivion. In order to see this situation, Wibisana created thousands of Garuda birds to snatch every snake created by Indrajit. Even snakes are eaten by birds Wibisana's eagle.

When close, Wibisana reminded Indrajit to stop Nagapasa's attack. In a state of anger Indrajit accused his uncle, Wibisana of being a traitor who did not deserve to be obeyed. Indrajit continued to use Nagapasa's arrows to attack the Suwelagiri troops. Meanwhile, the Garuda bird continues to devour every snake created by Indrajit.

To end this situation, Wibisana released Indrasta, his magic arrow, and aimed it at Indrajit. So Indrajit died and gradually turned into a mega. Indrajit who was created from mega(cloud) by Wibisana was returned to mega(cloud).

Indrajit's death also made the snakes disappear. But the soldier who was bitten was still dying and needed urgent help. Wibisana also assigned Anoman to look for bitter leaves at Arga Jampi Hill, a small hill near Mount Maliyawan. Anoman, nervous to see Prabu Rama and Laksmana faint, immediately left before receiving a full explanation.

Arriving at the place Hanoman immediately lifted the Argajampi hill and all the plants on it. Wibisana took the leaves needed for the antidote, until the soldiers and courtiers, including Prabu Rama and Laksmana Widagda, gradually regained consciousness and recovered.

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