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Puppet Story : Narayana Kembang


 Raden Narayana has been in exile for three months in the Banjarpatoman Forest with his wife, Dewi Jembawati. The sentence was handed down by King Balarama for the actions of Raden Narayana who disturbed security in the Mandura Kingdom as a begal (robber).

Although Prabu Balarama understood that his brother was a scoundrel to rob corrupt officials of the remnants of Adipati Kangsa's followers and distribute his booty to the poor, the laws of the country must still be enforced.

For this reason, King Balarama was forced to sentence his brother to exile in order to be an example for all the inhabitants of the Mandura Kingdom.

Thus, Raden Narayana served the banishment sentence with Dewi Jembawati who faithfully accompanied him. Until one night, Dewi Jembawati dreamed of herself in her original form, namely Batari Srilaksmi, where she met her sister and cousin, named Batari Srilaksmita and Batari Sri Satyawarna. The Three Angels are the grandchildren of Sanghyang Pancaresi who are all married to Batara Vishnu.

Batari Srilaksmi and Batari Srilaksmita were the Daughters of Batara Wiksmaka. They have a younger brother named Batara Laksmanasadu. In ancient times Batara Vishnu dripped to Prabu Sri Rama, Batara Laksmanasadu dripped to Raden Lesmana, while Batari Srilaksmi with Batari Sri Wedawati dripped to Rakyanwara Sinta.

Now Batara Vishnu drips to Raden Narayana and Raden Permadi, while Batara Laksmanasadu drips to King Balarama and Raden Permadi as well, and Batari Srilaksmi drips to Dewi Jembawati. The Batari Srilaksmita also followed born into the world by dripping to Dewi Rukmini, the daughter of King Bismaka in the Kingdom of Kumbina.

Narayana Kembang

The second honey named Batari Sri Satyawarna is the daughter of Batara Satya. Because Batara Satya is the younger brother of Batara Wiksmaka, then Batari Sri Satyawarna is a cousin of Batari Srilaksmi, Batari Srilaksmita, and Batara Laksmanasadu.

Currently Batari Sri Satyawarna has also been born into the world by dripping to Dewi Setyaboma, the daughter of King Setyajit in the Kingdom of Lesanpura.

In the dream, Batari Srilaksmita and Batari Sri Satyawarna claimed to want to reunite with Batara Vishnu and Batari Srilaksmi as they used to be when they were still in Kahyangan Utarasegara.

So, once awakened from his sleep, Dewi Jembawati immediately asked Raden Narayana to marry again, find honey for him. She asked him to marry her two cousins, Dewi Rukmini and Dewi Setyaboma.

Raden Narayana was surprised because in general women refused dimadu, but Dewi Jembawati actually wanted her husband to marry again with two women at once.

Dewi Jembawati replied that Raden Narayana should not need to cover up again, that actually Raden Narayana already knows that Dewi Rukmini and Dewi Setyaboma are his soul mate.

Raden Narayana smiled to confirm that he had known for a long time that his two cousins were incarnations of his two wives in heaven.

However, he waited for permission from Dewi Jembawati as an incarnation of Batari Srilaksmi, who was the eldest wife. If indeed Dewi Jembawati has allowed this, then Raden Narayana will arrange a strategy to be able to marry Dewi Rukmini first, then Dewi Setyaboma.


 Not long after, came Raden Narayana's sister, the Goddess of Sumbadra who was escorted by Arya Udawa. Dewi Sumbadra is also the incarnation of an angel, namely Batari Sri Wedawati. However, he was destined to become a soul mate Raden Permadi, which is the incarnation of the other half Batara Vishnu, not as a soul mate Raden Narayana.

Dewi Sumbadra came to announce that today the eldest brother, namely King Balarama along with Empress Dewi Erawati has left for the Kingdom of Kumbina to attend the invitation of the uncle, namely King Bismaka.

King Balarama was invited as a witness to Dewi Rukmini's wedding which was proposed by many kings and princes. In addition to inviting King Balarama, reportedly King Bismaka also invited other nephews, namely King Puntadewa and Raden Bratasena from the Kingdom of Amarta. The other uncle, Prabu Setyajit raja Lesanpura was also invited to attend.

Dewi Sumbadra tells that many kings and princes proposed to Dewi Rukmini as a wife. King Bismaka was confused to make a choice. In order to overcome the problem, Raden rukmaka Dewi Rukmini's sister held a duel. Whoever can overcome himself, then that person has the right to marry the older brother.

Raden Narayana responded that Raden Rukmaka does have high magic, but unfortunately his person is very arrogant and arrogant. People who are arrogant like him easily found loopholes weakness, so sayembara duel to get Dewi Rukmini can be won by anyone who could be not his soul mate.

Raden Narayana also found common sense. He sent a message to Dewi Sumbadra to be conveyed to Dewi Rukmini. If later there are people who can defeat Raden Rukmaka, then Dewi Rukmini do not immediately want to be his wife.

The person must first be able to explain the meaning of” sejatining lanang and sejatining wandon " (actually male and actually female). If he is able, then he can marry Dewi Rukmini. Thus the message of Raden Narayana.

Dewi Sumbadra accepted the task and immediately asked for farewell with Arya Udawa delivered.


 Meanwhile, Raden Kurupati, who some time ago failed to marry Dewi Srutikanti, has now proposed to another daughter of Prabu Salya, Dewi Banuwati. However, Dewi Banuwati always procrastinated in accepting the proposal, on the grounds that she still wanted to finish the rimong batik cloth she wrote herself.

While waiting for Dewi Banuwati to declare his willingness to marry, Raden Kurupati also urged his father to bequeath the throne of Hastina to him. Thanks to the persuasion of Patih Sangkuni, King Dretarastra finally announced his eldest son as a young king.

So, along with the inauguration of Adipati Karna as the leader of Awangga, King Dretarastra also inaugurated Raden Kurupati as a young king in Hastina, entitled Prabuanom Jakapitana. After the inauguration, King Dretarastra and Dewi Gandari again settled in the Old City, namely Gajahoya.

Thus, Prabuanom Jakapitana now occupies the throne of the Hastina Kingdom as a young king. Later after marrying Dewi Banuwati, then he was sworn in as King completely. News of a duel in the Kingdom of Kumbina who fought over the Goddess Rukmini also reached the Kingdom of Hastina. 

Patih Sangkuni suggested that Prabuanom Jakapitana follow the competition. However, the nephew refused because he had already proposed to Dewi Banuwati. If, Prabuanom Jakapitana married Dewi Rukmini, then Prabu Salya would be disappointed and break the alliance with the Hastina Kingdom.

Patih Sangkuni found the sense to be able to win three alliances at once, namely making Rishi Druna as Dewi Rukmini's husband. This marriage would further bind Rishi Druna as the protector of the Hastina Kingdom, as well as King Bismaka would immediately become an ally of the Kauravas. In addition, Prabuanom Jakapitana was also able to maintain good relations with King Salya in Mandraka.

Prabuanom Jakapitana agreed to Patih Sangkuni's proposal. So, Rishi Druna was invited to attend from Sokalima Hermitage. After the guru arrived, Prabuanom Jakapitana conveyed his intention for Rishi Druna to propose to Dewi Rukmini, Princess of Kumbina Kingdom.

About sayembara dueling against Raden Rukmaka, enough of the Kauravas who advanced. This marriage was a proof of Prabuanom Jakapitana's love for the teacher who had educated him well.

Patih Sangkuni also persuaded Rishi Druna to accept the request, because Dewi Krepi (Rishi Druna's wife) had died. Resi Druna is still quite appropriate if remarried with another woman who is much younger than him.

Resi Druna was flattered. Actually, he understood that Prabuanom Jakapitana wanted to tie his loyalty to remain the protector of the Hastina Kingdom. However, on the other hand he also missed the presence of a wife after Dewi Krepi died.

Rishi Druna is indeed a powerful and insightful old priest, behind his funny and joking attitude. But after all, he is still a man who has a passion for beautiful women especially young. So, as soon as he heard Prabuanom Jakapitana asked him to marry Dewi Rukmini who was the same age as his son, he immediately stated that he was willing.

Prabuanom (Young king)Jakapitana and Patih Sangkuni were happy and immediately prepared the group to leave for the Kingdom of Kumbina.


 King Bismaka King Kumbina is the younger brother of King Basudeva and Goddess Kunti. As a young man he was named Aryaprabu Rukma, who married an angel named Batari Arumbini.

From this marriage two children were born, a girl and a boy. The female is called Dewi Rukmini, while the male is named Raden Rukmaka.

The news of Goddess Rukmini's beauty spread everywhere. Many kings and princes came to propose to her. Raden rukmaka who was arrogant used this to show off his magic knowledge. He also held a duel, whoever was able to beat himself, then that person can marry his brother.

It is also called the ring. King Bismaka, Dewi Arumbini, and Dewi Rukmini watched from the main bench. The invited Kings, including King Setyajit of Lesanpura, King Balarama of Mandura, and King Puntadewa of Amarta also participated as witnesses with their respective companions.

Raden Rukmaka seemed to fight swiftly in the arena. One by one the Kings and princes were defeated, and not a few were made ashamed in public. Until finally the entourage from the Hastina Kingdom came, by registering Rishi Druna as a suitor for Dewi Rukmini.

Raden Dursasana came forward as the representative of the guru to face Raden Rukmaka. An exciting duel ensued between them. Until finally Raden Dursasana was pushed back. Raden Rukmaka then challenged the other Kauravas.

Raden Srutayu also advanced but he also lost like his brother. Similarly, Raden Kartawarma, Raden Durmuka, Raden Durjaya, Raden Durmagati, Raden Citraksa, Raden Citraksi, and also Bambang aswatama Putra Rishi Druna, all lost against Raden Rukmaka.

Adipati Karna offered himself to Prabuanom Jakapitana to come forward to face Raden Rukmaka's arrogance. However, Rishi Druna did not agree because Adipati Karna had a handsome face. He was afraid that Dewi Rukmini would fall in love with the Duke of Awangga, and not to him.

After saying this, Rishi Druna immediately went up to the arena to challenge Raden Rukmaka. Raden rukmaka laughed at him as keladi elders, parents who do not know themselves, want a woman who is more worthy to be their child.

Seeing his son's attitude, King Bismaka immediately went down to the arena to advise Raden Rukmaka to respect Rishi Druna who was the teacher of many knights. However, Raden Rukmaka did not care about the father's reprimand.

He still mocked Rishi Druna as a failed teacher, because it was proven that none of the Kauravas were good against him. Hearing that, Raden Bratasena almost came forward to beat Raden Rukmaka, but was prevented by King Puntadewa.

Rishi Druna jokingly responded to Raden Rukmaka's taunts. He instead mocked Raden Rukmaka as a knight of bau kencur who could only brag when he had no intelligence. Resi Druna also said that Raden Rukmaka he can beat only with one hand.

A proud man like Raden Rukmaka was easily offended and he immediately attacked Rishi Druna. However, in just one hit, the young man immediately fell on his face and collapsed under the feet of his opponent. The Kauravas cheered happily praising their master's victory.


 King bismaka welcomed the victory of Rishi Druna even though he didn't like having an ugly old priest's son-in-law like him. It is a coincidence, Dewi Rukmini said that he had his own competition outside the competition held by his sister, namely Rishi Druna should be able to explain the true meaning of male and female. If Rishi Druna succeeds, then Dewi Rukmini is willing to become his wife.

Prabuanom Jakapitana angrily accused King Bismaka of breaking promises and playing his teacher. King Bismaka answered that this kind of thing is natural and has happened in ancient times, where King Sumali King Alengka looking for a mate for his daughter by holding a duel against Arya Jambumangli, but the princess named Dewi Sukesi also has its own competition, which wants to get a lesson Aji Sastrajendra Hayuningrat Pangruwating Diyu.

Rishi Druna advised Prabuanom Jakapitana to be patient, because he was able to fulfill the request of the Goddess Rukmini. Rishi Druna then said that what is meant by a real man is a man who is able to fulfill his obligations, namely “ngayomi, ngayemi, ngayani”.

He is able to protect his wife, protect his wife, and protect his wife. These three conditions exist in Rishi Druna. Meanwhile, the meaning of a real woman is in Dewi Rukmini, who is beautiful in birth and inwardly.

A woman called Perfect is not only beautiful and pleasant to look at, but she must also have a patient disposition, sincere in serving her partner, and good manners. Birth beauty is not enough, but it must also be supported by inner beauty.

King Bismaka asked the witnesses if Rishi Druna's answer was correct. King Setyajit, King Balarama, King Puntadewa, and Raden Bratasena answered correctly. Hearing that, Dewi Rukmini trembled and immediately ran into kaputren. King Bismaka also invited guests to take a break to enjoy the dish. However, Rishi Druna was not interested and preferred to pursue Dewi Rukmini to be able to captivate her.


 Dewi Rukmini entered the kaputren where Dewi Sumbadra had been waiting. To his cousin, he felt angry. Dewi Sumbadra had come and directly entered the kaputren to meet Dewi Rukmini to convey a message from Raden Narayana.

The message reads Dewi Rukmini must ask the winner of the duel to explain the true meaning of men and women. It turns out that this question can be easily answered by Rishi Druna. In fact, it is clear that Dewi Rukmini loves Raden Narayana and hopes that her cousin is the one who comes to win the competition. Unexpectedly, now she must become the wife of an ugly old priest named Rishi Druna.

Dewi Sumbadra explained that her brother could not be wrong in giving the message. He tried to comfort Dewi Rukmini, but his cousin was already upset and did not want to talk. At that time Raden Narayana appeared while menyembangkan romance songs.

He asked Dewi Sumbadra to leave to give him a chance to comfort Dewi Rukmini. The sister obeyed. After Dewi Sumbadra left, then Raden Narayana seduce Dewi Rukmini to want to talk to him.

Dewi Rukmini finally melted his heart to see the attitude of Raden Narayana who sincerely loved him. However, he was still angry to accuse Raden Narayana had plunged him so that he now became the future wife of Rishi Druna. Raden Narayana replied that it was not true. Rishi Druna has not succeeded in translating the words true male and true female.

Indeed, Rishi Druna's answer was correct, but not right on target. What is asked Is the meaning of” true male and true female“, but Rishi Druna interprets the meaning of”true male and true female". Obviously this is not appropriate.

Dewi Rukmini asked how the most correct answer. Raden Narayana replied that later he would explain in front of many people. This puzzle is his essay. It is a matter of using language, so that only he knows the most correct answer, while others can only give an interpretation.

Other people's interpretations can vary according to their level of understanding, but the most correct answer is in the hands of Raden Narayana as the enigma maker.

It was then that Rishi Druna appeared to seduce Dewi Rukmini. Raden Narayana immediately hid while touching the tip of Kesawa's Arrow and reciting the Aji Balasrewu mantra. Instantly Raden Narayana form was transformed into a jet-black giant. He roared to make Rishi druna surprised and ran away from kaputren.


 The black monster of Raden Narayana's incarnation immediately grabbed the body of Dewi Rukmini and took her away. The Kauravas tried to get in the way but they were all topsy-turvy by the giant's rampage.

Raden Bratasena came blocking. There was a fierce fight between them that made taman Sari kumbina Palace ravaged. The Black giant was finally able to escape while still holding the body of Goddess Rukmini.

The Black giant then confronted King Puntadewa. Using gentle loving words, King Puntadewa made the giant tremble and return to Raden Narayana's form. Deftly, Raden Narayana immediately grabbed Dewi Rukmini's body and went to avoid Pandava number one.


Prabuanom Jakapitana and Patih Sangkuni saw taman Sari Kumbina Kingdom ravaged by Raden Bratasena's rampage while fighting against the Black giant. They immediately complained about this to King Bismaka to ask for compensation as expensive as possible to King Puntadewa.

King Bismaka understood they intended to corner the Pandavas. So, with a relaxed King bismaka also responded that he was tired of seeing the park which is considered ancient, and intend to remodel it. If now Raden Bratasena has damaged it, it means that King Bismaka does not need to bother to mobilize his people to dismantle the park, so just plant it.

Prabuanom Jakapitana was embarrassed that his attempt failed. However, Patih Sangkuni still has other defamatory materials. He tried to convince Prabu Bismaka that the Black giant who kidnapped Dewi Rukmini was the embodiment of Raden Permadi the Pandava number three.

In the past, during the marriage ceremony of King Balarama with Dewi Erawati in the Kingdom of Mandraka, Raden Permadi incarnated as a woman named Endang Wrediningsih and deceived many people. If he's now transformed into a black monster, what's the big deal?

It was a coincidence, Raden Permadi came in kumbina Palace with Raden Setyaki and the panakawan. They had just heard the news that King Bismaka was about to marry Dewi Rukmini, so decided to go visit.

Hearing the story of Patih Sangkuni, Prabu bismaka immediately asked if Raden Permadi had kidnapped his daughter by posing as a black giant. Raden bratasena also urged, if it is true that his brother is the perpetrator of the kidnapping, then he himself will give punishment.

But if wrong, then Raden Permadi must be able to clear his name from all charges by arresting the real perpetrator.

Without saying much, Raden Permadi immediately worshiped respect then darted away chasing the kidnapper.


 By deploying Aji Seipi Angin, Raden Permadi succeeded in following Raden Narayana who took Dewi Rukmini. The two of them are facing each other. Raden Permadi felt hesitant because he had to fight against a cousin whom he respected very much.

On the contrary, Raden Narayana also felt affection. He also asked Raden Permadi to ask conscience, whether Dewi Rukmini is a mate for him, or a mate Rishi Druna.

Raden Permadi was increasingly worried. On the one hand he supported Raden Narayana to marry Dewi Rukmini because according to his hunch, they were indeed a match. However, on the other hand he had to carry out the task of arresting Raden Narayana in order to clear his good name from all slander.

Raden Narayana understood Raden Permadi's feelings. He then picked up a jasmine flower that adorned his ear. By reading the Magic mantra, Raden Narayana turned the jasmine flower into a figure very similar to him.

Raden Permadi was then asked to hand over the fake Raden Narayana to Prabu Bismaka, while Dewi Rukmini was asked to participate. Dewi Rukmini does not want to return to the palace, but Raden Narayana assures her that she is watching without appearing.


 Thus, Raden Permadi had brought the fake Raden Narayana and Dewi Rukmini to Prabu Bismaka, while the real Raden Narayana followed behind by deploying Aji Panglimunan so that it was not visible to everyone.

Prabuanom Jakapitana, Patih Sangkuni, and Rishi Druna urged King Bismaka to execute Raden Narayana by burning him alive. King Bismaka himself was worried.

On the one hand he liked Raden Narayana, but on the other hand he had to uphold justice because his nephew had kidnapped his daughter. At that time the real Raden Narayana whispered in the ear of King Bismaka to obey Prabuanom Jakapitana's request, because the figure faced by Raden Permadi was only an imitation of himself.

King Bismaka was relieved. He also sentenced the false Raden Narayana to death. Raden Dursasana and Raden Kartawarma immediately dragged Raden Narayana's body to the center of the Square and burned him alive. The fire was blazing. After extinguishing, Raden Narayana's body was not seen,which looked only a jasmine flower.


 Patih Sangkuni instigated Prabuanom Jakapitana that this incident was a fabrication. Apparently King Bismaka already knows that Raden Narayana burned earlier was only the embodiment of jasmine flowers only.

Prabuanom Jakapitana was angry to accuse Prabu Bismaka of injustice. The other Kauravas went on a rampage demanding justice. Seeing his uncle urged, Raden Bratasena immediately lunged forward the Kurawa.

Raden Setyaki come forward to help Raden Bratasena. Exciting battles ensued. Prabuanom Jakapitana carrying a mace was about to rampage in the kumbina Palace. Raden Bratasena also offset by carrying the mace anyway.

Seeing that, Patih Pragota immediately entered the palace to report to his king. Hearing the report, King Balarama was very angry because his brother was sentenced to death in the middle of the square. He went out and beat the Bastards. Seeing that King Balarama appeared, Prabuanom Jakapitana felt reluctant and ordered his entourage to return to Hastina.


 King Balarama angrily demanded justice to King Bismaka who had sentenced Raden Narayana to death. It was then that the real Raden Narayana appeared and explained that what was killed was only an imitation of himself. King Balarama instantly melted and immediately hugged his sister.

Prabu bismaka said that he was actually happy if Raden Narayana became his son-in-law, so there was no need to laboriously carry out the kidnapping like earlier.

Raden Narayana apologized because he now has the status of a punishment person, so he did not dare to follow the competition openly. Hearing that, King Balarama also determined that from today the younger brother is declared free and no longer an outcast.

Raden Narayana thanked. As a free man, he now has the right to follow the contest to interpret the true meaning of men and women. In the audience, Raden Narayana also said that what was said by Rishi Druna earlier was already true but not quite right.

What is conveyed by Rishi Druna is the meaning of” true men and true women“, not the meaning of”true men and true women".

According to Raden Narayana, in fact, men and women are life partners, life friends. Men and women have different natures and body shapes, but it should be to complement each other, not to dominate each other. The male is the leader of the household, and the female is the companion of the male.

The male is not above the female, while the female is not below the male. That is why there is a fairy tale that says that women are created from the ribs of men, not the bones of the legs, nor the bones of the head.

The meaning of this fable is, women are created as a companion of men, not as slaves trampled, nor as employers who are held in high esteem.

During this time there was a culture that considered women as servants of men. Women should be ready to serve men at any time, because this is the door of paradise for women. So far, women are only considered as “wingking friends”, or “followers”.

Women are only considered as fields to cultivate. Men at will plant everywhere. There you plant, here you plant. After the child was born, the man arbitrarily handed over education to his wife.

Men argue that they are already busy earning a living, so the education of children is entirely the responsibility of women. Thus women are only considered as servants of men only. Women are mothers to men.

The male comes from the female's womb. Lowering the status of a woman is the same as lowering the status of a mother.

Raden Narayana emphasized that service must come from two directions. If a man wants a woman to always be at his service, then he must also always be at his service. Men should not want to win on their own. This world was created not for men only, but for all parties.

Happiness will be created when both parties serve each other and do not demand each other to be served. Thus, in fact, men and women are created to be different, equally imperfect, but precisely from there they can complement each other, so that a beautiful cooperation is established for the creation of a harmonious, harmonious and balanced life. That is true happiness, not pseudo-happiness.


 King Bismaka and the other attendees applauded Raden Narayana's translation. There is only one person who is not happy, Raden Rukmaka.

He said that Raden Narayana could be a husband to his brother, but first must be able to defeat him. Since the beginning he has held a duel, and this contest must be won manly, not a lengthy lecture like earlier.

Raden Narayana also accepted Raden Rukmaka's challenge. If Raden rukmaka was defeated by Rishi Druna with only one hand, then Raden Narayana was able to defeat him without using hands and feet. The arrogant Raden Rukmaka immediately felt offended.

He invited Raden Narayana to the arena. When he got there, he immediately attacked his cousin. However, as soon as his punch almost landed an inch above Raden Narayana's head, his body suddenly trembled and he fell down helplessly.

King Bismaka asked his son to surrender rather than humiliate himself like that. Raden rukmaka according. He apologized and admitted defeat. Raden Narayana accepts his confession and frees his cousin so that he can rise again.


 On the appointed day, King Bismaka held a wedding ceremony between Raden Narayana and Dewi Rukmini. Dewi Jembawati, the first wife was present and asked Dewi Rukmini to stay together in the Banjarpatoman Forest. However, King Balarama said that Raden Narayana was no longer a punitive person, so they could stay in the Mandura Palace.

After the ceremony was over, King Setyajit met Raden Permadi to thank him for having been a mentor to Raden Setyaki. Raden Permadi also replied that this was his obligation as an older brother who was born first. On that day, King Setyajit wanted to invite Raden Setyaki back to Lesanpura Palace, after a few months his son went wandering.

Raden Permadi and Raden Setyaki also said goodbye to each other after a few months they were always together. Raden Permadi invites Raden Setyaki free to visit anytime to the state of Amarta. On the other hand, Raden Setyaki promised to always help the Pandavas when faced with any problem. So they separated and went back to their homes.

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