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The story of Babad Wanamarta's puppetry

 The story is told Resiwara Bisma allow the King Dretarastra divide Hastina Kingdom into two. The Pandavas got part of the Forest Wanamarta, which then opened into a new state, called Kingdom of Amarta, which had its capital at Indraprasta.

Babad Wanamarta


 King Dretarastra in the Kingdom of Hastina chaired the meeting which was attended by the Duke of Yamawidura, Duke Sangkuni, Receipt Druna, and Receipt Krepa. In that meeting the King Dretarastra discuss the results of his visit to the Hermitage Talkanda to ask for directions Resiwara Bisma regarding disputes the Pandavas and the Kauravas on the throne of Hastina.

The beginning of strife this is because the Pandavas and the Goddess Kunti was reported killed in a fire in the palace Waranawata. King Dretarastra was inaugurated Raden Suyudana as the crown prince of the new, title Raden Kurupati, namely to replace Raden Puntadewa. Not unexpectedly, it turns out that the Pandavas alive and well and home to the Kingdom of Hastina after winning a contest Dewi Drupadi. Because Raden Puntadewa is still alive, then Raden Kurupati must be willing to restore his position. However, Raden Kurupati refused.

Finally they held a contest to determine who is eligible to be a crown in between them. This competition led by the Receipt Druna, covering race download guava five colors, the race considering which party is more heavy, and race to dig the river that connects the Mountains Dihyang Sea in the South. The river dug the Pandavas named Times Sarayu in accordance with the request Receipt Druna, while the river that dug the Kauravas named Cingcing Bolsters failed to reach the South Sea.

Receipt Druna announced that the Pandavas have won every competition that he held. Thus, Raden Puntadewa is eligible to be a crown than Raden Kurupati. The decision of the Receipt Druna this makes Raden Kurupati fainted and fell ill. If a few days ago he was only pretending to be sick when the Pandavas returned to Hastina bring Dewi Drupadi, then this time he was really sick. The pain getting worse, and he did not want to take medicine given by the shaman of the palace.

King Dretarastra went to the Hermitage Talkanda to face Resiwara Bisma and deliver it. She told him about the pain his son that is increasingly severe. Raden Kurupati is the favorite son of King Dretarastra. If he died because of his illness, then the King Dretarastra feel they don't have the spirit to live again. He chose rather die than lose Raden Kurupati.

Resiwara Bisma already tired of hearing the news disputes between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Since the first he had heard the prophecy from about bagawan Abyasa, that someday will erupt the great war named Bratayuda between the Pandavas against the Kauravas. Imagine it, Resiwara Bisma cringe. He did not want the country Hastina into the fighting event of the grandchildren. Then, with a heavy heart and very forcibly, he gave the King Dretarastra divide the two regions of the Kingdom of Hastina. Maybe this is the way to prevent War Bratayuda lest erupts.

Thus, King Dretarastra share the results of his meeting with Resiwara Bisma in Padepokan Talkanda. Duke Yamawidura feel pity if Hastina Kingdom divided by two. However, if Resiwara Bisma already decided to do so of course this is accompanied by a consideration of the cook. Now the problem is the region where submitted to the Kauravas, and which region was handed over to the Pandavas.

Patih Sangkuni propose that in the eastern part of the territory of the Kingdom of Hastina there is a wilderness very spacious, named Forest Wanamarta. If indeed Resiwara Bisma allow Hastina Kingdom divided by two, and then just leave it to the Forest Wanamarta to the Pandavas. Let them open the forest into the settlement and build a new palace there as their place of residence.

Duke Yamawidura not received on the proposal of the Duke Sangkuni. Forest Wanamarta covers only a quarter of the entire territory of Hastina. Anyway Raden Puntadewa first sworn in as crown prince instead of Raden Kurupati. Should the Kauravas who got the part of the Forest Wanamarta, not the Pandavas.

Patih Sangkuni answer that Resiwara Bisma only suggested that the territory of the Kingdom of Hastina divided into two, but did not say whether the division of it be large or not. So, there is no necessity that the Pandavas should got half the Kingdom of Hastina. The division of the fair it is not equally the same sense, but with customized content and size. The kauravas amounted to one hundred people, while the Pandavas only five people. If the Pandavas got the Forest Wanamarta, which covers only a quarter of the entire territory of the Kingdom of Hastina, then it is already more than enough for them.

Duke Yamawidura still feel suspicious lest the Duke Sangkuni planning the murder of the Pandavas by sending them to clear the Forest Wanamarta. Until this time no one dared to enter the forest because of the famous haunted and emergency. It is said that there is a jinn who does not hesitate to kill anyone who dared to enter the Forest Wanamarta.

Patih Sangkuni call the Duke of Yamawidura too believe in the story “gugon tuhon” that is not necessarily true. Altogether he had no intent to harm the Pandavas. For this let Raden Puntadewa choose, is willing to open the Forest Wanamarta or adamant want to occupy the throne of the Kingdom of Hastina.


 King Dretrastra again inedible sweet mouth Patih Sangkuni. He also called Raden Puntadewa to face. Accidentally King Dretarastra call Raden Puntadewa alone without being accompanied her sisters. He knew that his nephew is soft-hearted and like-minded plain, so it is not possible to refuse if instructed to open the Forest Wanamarta. Another case with Raden Them and Raden Arjuna easy to feel suspicious.

Raden Puntadewa has now come to King Dretarastra without accompanied her sisters. King Dretarastra and tell you about the pain Raden Kurupati increasingly severe because of the fear of losing his position as crown prince. King Dretarastra has also asked for directions to the Resiwara Bisma in Padepokan Talkanda about perselisiahan between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. Finally, Resiwara Bisma also allow Hastina Kingdom was divided into two.

Raden Puntadewa feel pity if the country of his birth are divided into two. If indeed become the future king can make Raden Kurupati healthy back, then let it be just himself succumbing. Raden Puntadewa willing to relinquish his position as crown prince and ready to serve as a subordinate Raden Kurupati.

King Dretarastra was touched by the kindness of his nephew. He forbade Raden Puntadewa relented because he did not want to be recorded in history as a king who is not fair, that is more concerned with son than a nephew. However Resiwara Bisma has been suggested that the Kingdom of Hastina divided into two, then the suggestion should be implemented. Of course this is all for the sake of peace between the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

King Dretarastra then said that one of the parties will have the Forest Wanamarta, while the other will get the rest, including the capital of Hastina. If Raden Puntadewa choose Forest Wanamarta, then the Pandavas are welcome to build a new palace there. But if Raden Puntadewa choose to occupy the throne of Hastina, then the King Dretarastra and the Kauravas who will move into the Woods Wanamarta.

Raden Puntadewa firmly choose Forest Wanamarta. He didn't have the heart if the King Dretarastra who moved to the Forest Wanamarta with the Kauravas, especially Raden Kurupati was very sick. Obviously his cousin was sick for fear of losing the throne of Hastina, then let it remain in Hastina. Raden Puntadewa not really thinking about the throne. If indeed his departure to the Forest Wanamarta can make Raden Kurupati healthy back, then he will be very grateful.

Duke Yamawidura suggested that Raden Puntadewa think back. Forest Wanamarta very haunted and emergency. A lot of people are missing do not return again because dare to enter into it. Supposedly there is the kingdom of jin where the inhabitants do not hesitate to kill the human race.

Raden Puntadewa replied that life and death are already a part of destiny. If indeed the Pandavas to death when open Forest Wanamarta, let them recorded death in the line of duty noble. Why is this noble task? Because the Pandavas open Forest Wanamarta for the purpose of peace, namely to avoid a civil war against the Kauravas. Die noble in the Forest Wanamarta will be much better than living nista let his brother died in grief.

Because Raden Puntadewa already decided to do so, then the King Dretarastra also issued a decree that from this day Forest Wanamarta officially became the property of the Pandavas, and is no longer part of the Kingdom of Hastina. Once is enough, King Dretarastra then disperse the meeting.


 Duke Yamawidura out of the palace together with Raden Puntadewa meet the Pandavas others were waiting along with Dewi Kunti and Dewi Drupadi. To them, the Duke of Yamawidura tells about the decision of the King Dretarastra which divides the two Kingdoms of Hastina, where Raden Puntadewa choose Forest Wanamarta as the place of the Pandavas build a new palace.

Raden Them disappointed in her sister's choice. Shouldn't the Pandavas who open Forest Wanamarta, but let the Kauravas course. They have planned the murder of the Pandavas through the Hall Sigala-gala, and now they intend evil again through the Forest Wanamarta. The Pandavas too many budge. If given permission, then Raden Them intend to take up arms to demolish the Kauravas and expel them from the Kingdom of Hastina which is the legacy of King Pandu, the father of the Pandavas.

Raden Puntadewa rejected the plan Raden Them. Hastina kingdom does not belong to King Pandu course, but it's a lot of people. If his sister that wants to rebel, then it should be ready to deal with Resiwara Bisma, Receipt Druna, Duke of Yamawidura, Receipt Krepa, and the inhabitants of one country. However, before facing them, Raden Them have to face Raden Puntadewa first. Raden Puntadewa don't want to erupt civil war between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. He also does not want to see Raden Kurupati died because of a sore that never healed. About Hall Sigala-gala don't worry about it up again. However, the Kauravas are brothers. They err as it is because of the incitement of the Duke Sangkuni.

Raden Them still could not accept. If indeed the Kingdom of Hastina be divided by two, then its size should be as large, as broad. Forest Wanamarta only a quarter of the area of the entire Kingdom of Hastina. This name was not fair. For that, Raden Them intend demanding justice to the King Dretarastra.

Raden Puntadewa feedback ask what the meaning of justice. Is it fair that the same average, the same taste? It's just a justice of the moot. Fair it should be determined from the moisture content and size. The Kauravas amounted to one hundred people, not plus King Dretarastra and the Goddess of G, as well as the Duke of Yamawidura, Duke Sangkuni, Receipt Druna, and Receipt Krepa. Not to mention the Resiwara Bisma ever swear lifetime will always be faithful to protect the Kingdom of Hastina. On the contrary, the Pandavas only five people plus Dewi Kunti, why ask the territory of the same breadth with the Kauravas? Big or small all to be grateful, because gratitude will bear fruit in happiness. Although the territory of the Forest Wanamarta is small, but if the Pandavas thankful of The Almighty will give you the grace greater than the Kingdom of Hastina.

Raden Them was silent do not argue again. Duke Yamawidura said that was in the palace of the Duke Sangkuni also said so. The difference, Duke Sangkuni said with a sweet mouth that accompanied the evil intentions of want to get rid of the Pandavas, while Raden Puntadewa said with a sincere heart full of kindness. Now the Duke Yamawidura can accept the reason why Raden Puntadewa prefer Forest Wanamarta rather than defend the Kingdom of Hastina.

Raden Puntadewa then ask Raden Permadi and the twins if they also refuse Forest Wanamarta. Raden Permadi replied that he had been agreed with Raden Them. But, now his heart is open and can accept the explanation of his elder brother. Meanwhile, Raden Nakula and Raden Sadewa answer since they already consider Raden Puntadewa as a substitute father. Anything that decided the elder brother, they are ready to comply with and carry out. Dewi Kunti as any mother can only bless and pray that the struggle of the Pandavas in the open Forest Wanamarta got the protection of The Almighty. He was sure his eldest son has been the right choice.

Now the Pandavas agreed. Duke Yamawidura offer help, that is Patih Jayasemedi and the soldiers Pagombakan will help open Forest Wanamarta and build a palace for the Pandavas. Raden Them refused. To open the forest is quite the Pandavas go. Let this be a part of the struggle in the young, which is fruitful of blessing in the old days.

Having said so, Raden Them in lifting the body of his mother on top of the head to ask for his blessings. Dewi Kunti blessed son it's both. After received the blessing, Raden Them any lower Dewi Kunti slowly and then asked permission to depart to the Forest Wanamarta.

Duke Yamawidura praised the character of a knight Raden Them. Although it was denied her brother with onslaught, but now it departs most used to work. Really he was different with most people reluctantly if it is not a choice. Raden Puntadewa answer thus the character of the Pandavas. Argue and mutual argued among the brothers has become a natural thing between them. However, if the decision has already been taken then the five of them also come together shoulder to shoulder to make it happen.

Raden Puntadewa then ask Dewi Drupadi is willing to be repatriated to the Kingdom of Cempalareja (Pancala South) during the Pandavas work open woods. Forest Wanamarta known to be very haunted and dangerous, so Raden Puntadewa heartbroken when his wife gets hurt in there. Dewi Drupadi answer let alone enter the Forest Wanamarta, even into hell the most basic was he not afraid as long as it can always serve the husband. Raden Puntadewa answer the place of a loyal wife is not hell, but heaven is full of glory. He was grateful for the sincerity of his wife was willing to live struggled with him and leave all the luxuries in the palace Cempalareja.

Thus, the Pandavas four and Dewi Kunti, as well as the Goddess Draupadi and then said goodbye to the Duke of Yamawidura. They were off to the Forest Wanamarta following Raden Them who had left first.


 Raden Them had entered the Forest Wanamarta. With bare hands he broke the trees. With Nail Pancanaka he cleared the bushes. I don't know how many trees are uprooted by his strength. Like not exhausted he uprooted all the trees that are encountered in front of him.

Animals-the animal inhabitants of the forest were scattered because of fear. Some are reckless attack Raden Them, among other tigers, elephants, bulls, dragons, and a wolf. Raden Them in the raging face of the wild animals the. Suddenly the sound of Raden Puntadewa call and he immediately went to leave the wild animals that.

Raden Puntadewa when it has set up camp on the outskirts of the forest to the Goddess Kunti and Dewi Drupadi. They wait there with guarded the twins, while Raden Puntadewa and Raden Permadi goes into the woods with the panakawan. They had a chance to see Raden Them fight against the wild animals. Raden Puntadewa called his brother to stop the fight, and Raden Them according to.

Raden Puntadewa ask why Raden Them in a fight with a herd of the beasts of the forest. Raden Them replied that the animals that had been interfering with his work. Raden Puntadewa said precisely Raden Them have disturbing social order them. He then counseled her sister so don't blindly in cutting down the forest. Don't get the whole Forest Wanamarta cleared, but just enough.

The forest is very useful for human survival. The trees can be rain water catchment areas so that later the kingdom who built the Pandavas will be free from flooding. The forest also provides a source of water for human. In addition, Raden Them also should not be indiscriminate killing of animals. They are native to the Forest Wanamarta. If the whole Forest Wanamarta opened into the settlement, then the animals will lose a place to live and eventually attacked the village residents.

Raden Puntadewa and then divide the tasks. Raden Them in charge of opening the forest to the left, while Raden Permadi open the forest to the right. About wild animals will be handled by Raden Puntadewa. Raden Them and Raden Permadi undertakes and then they were off duty.

After both her sister go, Raden Puntadewa ago together a moment of silence. Animals-animals wild coming to attack him. However, as soon approaching Raden Puntadewa, instantly the animals were turned into benign and sit surrounds it. Raden Puntadewa and then wake up and herding animals-animals wild it was to move into the territory of the forest is not cut, so they didn't disturb the settlements.


 In the Forest Wanamarta indeed, there is a kingdom invisible inhabited the jin and gandarwa, named the Kingdom of Mertani. The leader of the kingdom named King Jin Yudistira which has four sisters, named Jin Dandunwacana, Jin Dananjaya, Jin Tripala, and Jin Grantika. Poet of the kingdom is named Gandarwa Anggaraparna, while the minister of its main named Patih Jin Damdarat.

Heard the news that the Pandavas open Forest Wanamarta, King Jin Yudistira immediately send troops to thwart them. Jin Dandunwacana and Jin Dananjaya set out to conquer Raden Them, while Gandarwa Anggaraparna and the Duke Jin Damdarat face Raden Permadi.

Raden Them surprised themselves suddenly attacked a herd of fluffy creatures. However, since the beginning he's ready because it is news that is circulating in the community about the awesomeness of the Forest Wanamarta. The battle ensued. One by one the soldiers of the jinn and gandarwa Mertani can be repulsed by it, although they are sometimes visible, sometimes disappears.

Jin Dandunwacana and then advanced to attack Raden Them. Both seem balanced because the same stature of great height. Eventually, Jin Dandunwacana off guard and his body trampled by Raden Them. But then the body of Jin Dandunwacana disappeared from view. When Raden Them growling challenging his opponent to appear back, suddenly Jin Dananjaya release the arrow sakti from behind. Arrow sakti was able to explode and release toxic smoke that envelops the body Raden Them, make it into a limp and helpless.

After defeating his enemy, Jin Dandunwacana and Jin Dananjaya then proceeded to grab the Pandavas other.


 Meanwhile, Gandarwa Anggaraparna and the Duke Jin Damdarat attack Raden Permadi the open forest on the other side. Jin Damdarat successfully repulsed by the Pandavas number three the. See his lost, Gandarwa Anggaraparna immediately release the heirloom Jalasutra, that direct trapping of the body Raden Permadi. When he was about to grab his opponent, suddenly Gandarwa Anggaraparna intercepted panakawan Kyai Semar.

Gandarwa Anggaraparna angry and wanted to attack the Kyai Semar. However, Kyai Semar call him by the name of Batara Citrarata. Gandarwa Anggaraparna surprised to hear Kyai Semar call his real name, because he was actually an incarnation of Batara Citrarata, one the son of Batara Indra. Instantly Gandarwa Anggaraparna feel weak helpless so dealing with the authority of Kyai Semar.

Gandarwa Anggaraparna then return to its original form, i.e. Batara Citrarata such. He tells the story himself was assigned to the father to wait for the Forest Wanamarta. Some time ago Batara Indra had been envious of King Pandu who has a big name in the world. Batara Indra was persuaded Batara Guru so deprive the life of King Pandu and put it in Candradimuka for his sins brave borrow Lembu Andini. However, after Prabu Pandu really plunged into the Crater Candradimuka with Dewi Madrim, Batara Indra feel very sorry. As the redeemer of his guilt, he also intends to build a palace for the Pandavas. Of course this palace is not the palace of the fake kind of Hall Sigala-gala, but the palace is very beautiful like heaven.

Batara Indra build a beautiful palace named Indraprasta in the Forest Wanamarta, because he gets a prophecy that one day the Pandavas will be paired with the forest. Name Indraprasta itself comes from the word Inda The Asta, a meaningful one-eighth of the beauty of heaven Batara Indra. The palace was then guarded by five jin brothers who is a servant of Batara Indra, named Jin Yudistira, Jin Dandunwacana, Jin Dananjaya, Jin Tripala, and Jin Grantika. They must submit the palace of Indraprasta to the Pandavas.

However, the Batara Indra feel less trust and worried lest the fifth jin was breaking the commandments. Then, he sent his son, that Batara Citrarata so disguised as Gandarwa Anggaraparna and worked as advisor to the fifth of the genie. Now, Kyai Semar has uncovered the Gandarwa Anggaraparna so there is no point again back to the place of the djinn.

Batara Citrarata then frees Raden Permadi from the snares of the inheritance. After Raden Permadi worship saluted, Batara Citrarata also present some heirlooms for the face of the jin and gandarwa, namely Lisah Praṇava, the Sidelines of the hall from there, and Oyod Bayura. Lisah Pranawa is for oil rubbed into the eye that can see the jinn, and gandarwa clearly. The sidelines of the hall from there intangible stone, to be rubbed into the body to recover from the influence of magic jinn. As for the Oyod Bayura tangible roots straight as a stick, to immobilize the jin and gandarwa.

Raden Permadi grateful for receiving a third the relic. Batara Citrarata also withdrew back to heaven.

Meanwhile, the Duke Jin Damdarat surprised to learn the identity of Gandarwa Anggaraparna the truth. He went back to the place of King Jin Yudistira to report it.


 King Tremboko king Pringgadani earlier, which killed against King Pandu in the War Pamuksa, have seven children, all the tangible giant like himself. The son of the most old named Raden Arimba, succeeded him as king Pringgadani. Child number two named Dewi Arimbi, then Raden Brajadenta, Raden Brajamusti, Raden Brajalamatan, Raden Brajawikalpa, and Raden Kalabendana.

One day, Dewi Arimbi complained to her brother, why the giant has always been considered as the scum of the earth, the enemy of man. He was astonished to see the friendship of the father with Prabu Pandu why ended with the war, so the history was noted King Tremboko as a rebel against teachers and traitors against the companions. King Arimba replied that it was the war happens because of slander and incitement Arya Suman which is now titled the Duke Sangkuni. Figures that are pitting their father with Prabu Pandu.

Dewi Arimbi said although the War Pamuksa occurs due to the incitement of others, still it is to be black notes for the history of the Kingdom Pringgadani. For that, Dewi Arimbi intend to redeem his father's mistakes with how to do better. He wants to live a tapa rame, help anyone who is distress indiscriminately. He hopes that the results of his meditation becomes a means glory for the Kingdom Pringgadani everything.

King Arimba forbid his sister has the intention of doing so. If you only want to glorify the Kingdom of Pringgadani, enough with war conquer many countries, then the good name of the King Tremboko will recover. Dewi Arimbi not agree because it will further damage the image of the giant. He would still do tapa rame, do good to help anyone who is distress. Because the debate they don't reach an agreement, Dewi Arimbi finally choose to go without saying goodbye from the palace to realize his intentions.


 That is the story of Dewi Arimbi who ventured do tapa rame, help anyone who is distress. There are many people who are grateful to him, but not a few who ran away in fear to see his form. When through the Woods Wanamarta, he heard the sound of the fuss of a felled tree. Raksasi it was curious and get into the forest.

Arriving in the forest, Dewi Arimbi see thick smoke envelops the person who growled in pain. Dewi Arimbi ask who is the person trapped in the smoke. The person that answered her was Raden Them of the Kingdom of Hastina who is trapped by the toxic fumes released the genie. He is now blind and helpless. Maybe his death will not be long again. He was asking for help to be freed from the toxic fumes that.

Dewi Arimbi remembered that his father died at the hands of the king of Hastina. However, because it was determined to undergo tapa rame, then he does not care about people who are in the in the smoke that came from the Kingdom of Hastina or not. The giant woman was then a moment of silence exert supernatural powers. Of his body appeared a great wind that blows dispelled the smoke that envelops the body Raden Them.

Raden Them can now see again. Suddenly he was surprised to find the form of Dewi Arimbi creepy. He felt disgusted and run away leaving raksasi it for granted. Dewi Arimbi offended to see the attitude of Raden Them that is not polite, and he was chasing the young man dashing such.


 Dewi Arimbi who ran the pursuit of Raden Them finally met Dewi Kunti, who was accompanied by Raden Puntadewa review the open Forest Wanamarta. Dewi Arimbi asked politely to them is knowing there is a large high youth pass that place. Dewi Kunti impressed to see there is a raksasi but it has such good manners. Dewi Kunti replied that the tall youth that is son number two, while himself was the widow of the deceased King Pandu and king of Hastina earlier.

Dewi Arimbi was the worship of respect to the Goddess Kunti and introduced himself as the son of the number two of the late King Tremboko king Pringgadani. Dewi Kunti touched and hugged Dewi Arimbi like a child on their own, given King Tremboko was a pupil and a friend of her husband. He then asked why Dewi Arimbi chasing Raden Them in his son.

Dewi Arimbi told that he is undergoing tapa rame, help anyone who is distress. When through the Woods Wanamarta, he was astonished to hear the sound of trees being torn down. He goes into the woods and find Raden Them are paralyzed helpless because it is exposed to the attack of toxic fumes to the enemy. Dewi Arimbi also set him free from the poisonous fumes such. But, Raden Them were shocked and immediately ran off. Dewi Arimbi pursuit to question what the purpose of Raden Them being so. In fact, he had no strings attached to Raden Them.

Dewi Kunti impressed to hear the story of Dewi Arimbi. Despite his creepy, but in the eyes of the Goddess Kunti figure Dewi Arimbi is a beautiful girl his heart and hopefully pretty anyway his face. Thus greeting the Goddess Kunti got the permission of The Almighty. The instantaneous form of Dewi Arimbi was changed into a girl that pretty.

Not long later Raden Them appeared and told me that he was being chased raksasi creepy like him. Dewi Kunti said that raksasi that now there are nearby. Raden Them do not believe because there is a beautiful girl claiming named Dewi Arimbi. Dewi Kunti explained that Dewi Arimbi this is raksasi who was helping himself from the poisonous fumes that are released the genie.

Raden Them impressed to see Dewi Arimbi. He also thanked and apologized because it was being so disrespectful to him. Raden Puntadewa and said that the first King Pandu and King Tremboko are good friends, but their friendship eventually broke up due to the War Pamuksa. Now it would be nice if the friendship of the two countries was spliced back through the marriage of Raden Them with Dewi Arimbi. Thus the proposal Raden Puntadewa.

Raden Them feel not mind if he is married to Dewi Arimbi. On the contrary, Dewi Arimbi also don't mind. But, shame if a knight did not complete the job and is putting the affairs of the marriage. Raden Them offended to hear the speech of Dewi Arimbi it and immediately darted away to who knows where.


 In the middle of the road Raden Them meet Raden Permadi with the panakawan. Kyai Semar ask why Raden Them seem restless and running indeterminate direction. Raden Them and then tell all of his experiences from beginning to end, i.e. when Dewi Arimbi insulting her. Kyai Semar said that it was not an insult, but rather quite the Dewi Arimbi want to encourage and maintain the good name of Raden Them.

Thanks to the explanation Kyai Semar, Raden Them now understand what the words of Dewi Arimbi last. He was eager to continue the opening of the Forest Wanamarta, but his body was still limp due to the influence of toxic fumes that are released Jin Dananjaya last. Raden Permadi said that he just got the three types of inheritance of Batara Citrarata, one of which is Interposed hall from there.

Raden Permadi then rubbed a magic stone the Sidelines of the hall from there to the whole body of her brother's. Instantly Raden Them feel fresh again. He shouted in challenge Genie Dandunwacana and Jin Dananjaya to continue the battle earlier.


 Jin Dandunwacana and Jin Dananjaya appear so to hear a challenge Raden Them. Now Raden Them and Raden Permadi can see their appearance clearly thanks to the properties of Lisah Praṇava. Without much talking again, Raden Them directly attacking the Jin Dandunwacana, while Raden Permadi face Jin Dananjaya.

Armed with weapons Oyod Bayura, Raden Permadi managed to knock out Jin Dananjaya. Seeing that, Jin Dandunwacana cringe and immediately grabbed the body of his sister, then leave the fight against Raden Them.

In the middle of the road, Jin Dandunwacana and Jin Dananjaya meet King Jin Yudistira, Jin Tripala, and Jin Grantika. Jin Dandunwacana invites his older brother to confront and kill the Pandavas. King Jin Yudhisthira replied it was not necessary because the Pandavas are supposed to have a Forest Wanamarta and its contents, namely the Kingdom of Indraprasta.

Some time ago Batara Indra has built the Palace of Indraprasta to make amends against the King Pandu. The palace of Indraprasta is entrusted to Jin Yudistira brothers so that later handed over to the Pandavas. Indeed the last King Jin Yudhisthira sent Jin Dandunwacana and Jin Dananjaya to thwart the efforts of the Pandavas open forest. In fact, that he did just to test whether they are really the son of King Pandu as told Batara Indra or not.

Now everything has been proved. King Jin Yudistira feel the battle no longer need to be forwarded. He also invites the fourth sister to meet the Pandavas.


 Fifth jin was finally met with the Pandavas. After introductions, King Jin Yudistira stated his intention to hand over the Kingdom Mertani to Raden Puntadewa brothers. King Jin Yudhisthira told me that the first Batara Indra has built the palace of Indraprasta in the Forest Wanamarta as a gift to the Pandavas. The palace for a while guarded by the fifth jin, where Jin Yudistira may be the king leads the palace, and disguise its name to the Kingdom of Mertani.

King Jin Yudhisthira asks sorry I had to send both of his sister, Jin Dandunwacana and Jin Dananjaya to attack Raden Them and Raden Permadi, whereas it was all just a test from him to prove whether they are really the Pandavas or not.

Now everything was clear. King Jin Yudhisthira and the fourth sister was farewell back to delicate nature. The Pandavas moved to bid farewell to them. As a memento, Raden Puntadewa ask for permission to wear the name of Yudhisthira as the name of the other himself. King Jin Yudhisthira gave gladly.

After the fifth that genie back into the realm of the unseen, suddenly appeared a beautiful palace in the presence of them. The palace is Indraprasta that had been closed and hidden in the unseen realm by King Jin Yudistira. Not only that, the people who were lost when entering the Forest Wanamarta also raised back. Apparently they are not killed by the jin but as citizens of the inhabitants of the Kingdom Mertani.

Thus, The Pandavas were to enter the palace Indraprasta with Dewi Kunti, Dewi Drupadi, Dewi Arimbi, and the panakawan. They were amazed to see the beauty of the palace.


 When the Pandavas to see the contents of the palace of Indraprasta, suddenly heard the sound of the giant's calling out Dewi Arimbi on the outside. Raden Them immediately came out to meet the giant that it is a King Arimba, king Pringgadani.

King Arimba sang Dewi Arimbi handed to him. Raden Them refused to give up his future wife's. Then, it came to pass the fight between them. That fight is very powerful where Raden Them somewhat overwhelmed by the strength of the King Arimba.

Dewi Arimbi forward to stop the fight. He then spoke with King Arimba. Although his sister had transformed into pretty, but the bond between them made the King Arimba can still recognize Dewi Arimbi.

Dewi Arimbi admitted to himself now has fallen in love with Raden Them. If indeed this is considered as a sin by King Arimba, then he was willing to be condemned to death. Because after all Raden Them is the son of King Pandu, that is, those who had killed King Tremboko, their father. However, Dewi Arimbi ban King Arimba hurt Raden Them.

King Arimba touched to hear the narrative of his sister. He said that he will not hinder the relationship between Dewi Arimbi with Raden Them. Quite the contrary, he wanted to hold a contest for the duel to glorify the name of Raden Them. About War Pamuksa at all Prabu Arimba don't want to bring it up again. He was sincere their father died in the war, and do not want to wreak revenge on the sons of the King Pandu.

Dewi Arimbi moved to hug the King Arimba, then back off and let Raden Them to fight back against his brother's. King Arimba also explained that he wanted to held a contest sparring, namely Raden Them should be able to beat him first if you want to get married with Dewi Arimbi. Raden Them undertakes. Both of them went back to fight one on one.


 Dewi Arimbi nervously watched the fight. He saw his brother is stronger and more mighty than Raden Them. King Arimba understand that Raden Them fight not wholeheartedly because there is a feeling disinclined to him. Then, he grab his opponent's body and held her tightly until Raden Them feel shortness of breath.

While still hugging the body of his opponent, King Arimba said that he could not be dead if his body does not knock trunk palm tree. Now the choice to stay two, killed or kill. If Raden Them still feel shy and don't want to fight, then he will die out of breath.

Raden Them feel claustrophobic and couldn't stand it anymore. He also exert Aji Bandung Bandawasa so its strength increases rapidly. So wriggle he managed to free himself from the arms of King Arimba and turned to catch the body of the king giant. So see there's a palm tree stood near the palace of Indraprasta, King Arimba was taken there. With all his might, Raden Them then banging body Prabu Arimba on the trunk of palm tree such. Instantaneous King Arimba was limp helpless lost power.

Raden Them to apologize to the King Arimba because forced to do so. King Arimba answer he did not need to apologize because this is all intended. King Arimba want to glorify the name of Raden Them who managed to marry his sister through competition sparring, not because of an arranged marriage just like that. He is willing to sacrifice lives for the sake of the happiness and glory of Dewi Arimbi, sister of the most loved, who was born on the same day with her.

Dewi Arimbi come tearfully embraced King Arimba. Come anyway their younger brothers, namely Raden Brajadenta, Raden Brajamusti, Raden Brajalamatan, Raden Brajawikalpa, and Raden Kalabendana, who was watching from a distance. They expressed sincere for the defeat of the King Arimba and promised not to hold a grudge to Raden Them.

King Arimba itself felt the end was near. He asked Raden Them would succeed him as king Pringgadani. Raden Them refused because the younger sister of King Arimba much more eligible. King Arimba said for a while the Kingdom of Pringgadani let it be led Dewi Arimbi. Someday, when was born the son of the result of the marriage of his sister's with Raden Them, then let him be the king of Pringgadani. Raden Brajadenta and other states agree on the decision of the King Arimba such.

Thus, King Arimba died. Before his life broken, he was giving memento in the form of a nickname for Raden Them, namely Wrekodara. It is because Raden Them fight with savage as a wolf. Raden Them thank you and promise you will wear the name of Wrekodara later after the son of Dewi Arimbi.


 Forest Wanamarta has now opened up into a new country, and partly still covered trees for the survival of its inhabitants. Raden Puntadewa change the name of the Kingdom of Mertani be Amarta, and set Indraprasta as its capital. Duke Yamawidura come anyway for review and congratulations on the success of the Pandavas such.

Raden Puntadewa then ask Raden Them be king Amarta because for her sister that is a lot of hard work clearing the Forest Wanamarta and turn them into settlements. Raden Them refused because he worked hard not for himself, but for the glory of the Pandavas. He had no strings attached to occupy the throne and become king.

Raden Them to add that during this time Raden Puntadewa've been a better brother, already acting as a substitute father. During this time Raden Puntadewa already proven capable in the lead of her sisters, then now is the time he became the leader of the country, leading the whole people. Raden Permadi, Raden Nakula, and Raden Sadewa also begged Raden Puntadewa want to be king. Because Raden Puntadewa still refuse, then Raden Permadi and the twins kneeled and they don't want to wake up if Raden Puntadewa not accept the throne. Only Raden Them in a can on his knees, but his face seemed sincere begging her brother was so willing to sit on the throne.

Duke Yamawidura surprised to see the attitude of Raden Puntadewa who are not interested in the position, it is different with most people. Dewi Kunti had come to talk and ask his eldest son was granted the request of her younger siblings. Raden Puntadewa moved and then hugging the fourth of his sister, saying, himself willing to be the king of Amarta.

Everyone now felt relieved. Duke Yamawidura then ask Raden Puntadewa so prepare yourself. In the future if it gets a good day hence his nephew that can be inaugurated as the king of the country Amarta, which are no longer part of the Kingdom of Hastina.

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