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The story of the birth of Batara Kala

 This story tells about the birth of Batara Kala which occurred from kama one Batara Guru, followed by the batari uma event changed into Batari Durga.

The story is based on the source of Serat Paramayoga by Raden Ngabehi Ranggawarsita with little development.


Although he has built Kahyangan Argadumilah who is no less beautiful than Kahyangan Tengguru, batara guru still very disappointed for his defeat against the miracle of Prophet Jesus. He could only regret his actions that had attacked the Kingdom of the Children of Israel and violated the advice of the Sanghyang Padawenang.

Batara Kala

To entertain himself, Batara Guru invited Batari Uma to go sightseeing to enjoy the beauty of Java Island. Batari Uma was initially unwilling because he got a premonition that something was bad. But Batara Guru constantly urged so Batari Uma finally obeyed as well.


Batara Guru and Batari Uma also set out by riding Sapi Andini. They fly in the sky enjoying the beauty of Java Island from above. When passing through the South Sea, it was already dusk. The reddish sunset rays hit Batari Uma's body making her look even more beautiful.

Suddenly Batara Guru raised his lust. Understandably, since the birth of Batara Vishnu through ajian Asmaragama, Asmaracipta, and Asmaraturida, he never again had intercourse with his wife, so this time his lust seemed to explode and flare up.

Batara Guru also invited Batari Uma to have sex on the back of Sapi Andini at that time. Batari Uma refused out of shame, but Batara Guru continued to force and threatened to use violence. Batari Uma reminded Batara Guru as the king of the gods not to behave like a giant. Batari Uma's desperate speech turned into a curse. Instantly, Batara Guru also got a third defect, which has two long fangs like a giant. So, since then Batara Guru earned a new nickname, namely Sanghyang Randuwana, which means "having fangs like forest randu fruit".

Batara Kala

Batara Guru was furious at the curse that befell him. His desire to have sex turned into an intention to rape his own wife. Batari Uma's body was then lifted and placed on her lap. Because the lust was uncontrollable, Batara Guru's semen radiated out. But Batari Uma thrashed away from it so that the semen fell into the sea. Suddenly the sea water affected by the spill of the divine king's semen immediately boiled and billowed smoke.


With a feeling of disappointment mingled shame, Batara Guru decided to fly home Argadumilah. Suddenly came the gods guard the sea named Batara Baruna facing him. Batara Baruna this is the son of Batara Ganges, the son of Batara Hermaya, the son of Sanghyang Silence, that uncle Batara Guru.

Batara Baruna reported that in the Southern Ocean has created a fire burning that killed a lot of fish and water animal. Batara Baruna admitted the difficulty of extinguishing the fire, because the quenched precisely increasingly large. His return to Heaven Argadumilah this is to appeal for help to the Batara Guru so that hands down save all the animals of the sea.

Batara Guru to understand that the fire is actually derived from the "kama salah", i.e. overflow of lust in the wrong place that was spilled and make the sea water to a boil. Apparently bubbles kama one of these has now evolved and grown to become the fire burning. Batara Guru ordered Batara Sambu that lead the brother and the cousin to extinguish a blaze of Kama salah.

Batara Sambu and the forces of the gods has arrived in the South Sea and surrounded the fire burning it. They then exert all means to extinguish the fire Kama Wrong. However, instead of being extinguished, the fire is precisely flared getting bigger. The gods then throw a variety of weapons heirlooms in the blaze. However, miraculously the fire was actually transformed into a hideous monster. The gods showered him with weapons, the giant was actually growing big and strong.

Giant Kama Wrong it was then raging counterattack. The gods were topsy-turvy made. They scrambled to fly back to Heaven Argadumilah. The Kama Wrong continue to pursue while asking him who he is, and who his parents were.


KamaSalah chasing the gods to enter Heaven Argadumilah. Batara Guru calmly welcomed him and told him to sit on the floor. KamaSalah surprised to see a form of Batara Guru, which is much smaller than her but dare to give orders just like that. Batara Guru introduced himself as the king of the gods, the ruler of the whole world. KamaSalah feel incidentally, due to the Batara Guru could definitely tell the story of who its origin, and who his parents were.

Batara Guru is willing to tell the origins of the Kama Wrong if the giant give adoration sincere to him. KamaSalah was bent deliver to worship. At that time, the Batara Guru suddenly cut the hair of the giant. KamaSalah surprised and looked up. As fast as lightning Batara Guru cut two pieces of his fangs, and stabs her tongue up can all be in in the mouth of the giant was flowing out. So to lose two fangs and could be on his tongue, the body of the Kama Any direct limp helpless and drooping on the floor.

Batara Guru then introduced himself as the father of Kama Wrong. Since that day KamaSalah admitted as a son, and named Batara Kala, because it was born at the time of twilight. Son number six was then ordered to stay at Nusakambangan Island located in the South Sea. Batara Kala grateful and set out to obey the father.

Batara Guru then handed the two fangs Batara Kala withheld was to Batara Ramayadi and Batara Anggajali that forged into a weapon. Both masters of the heaven, and then change the fangs-fangs into two blades kris, who was given the name Kris Kalanadah and Kris Kaladite.


News about the Batara Guru has a child intangible giant great and terrible has made him feel very embarrassed. He also put the blame to the Batari Uma that should not refuse when invited to fuck in the back of Lembu Andini last. Batara Guru was having a Batari Uma and told him everything. He scold Batari Uma as the wife of inappropriate rejected the command of the husband.

Batari Uma reply said that the creation of Batara Kala is because the error Batara Guru himself who cannot control their lust. This answer makes the Batara Guru offended and the more angry. Batara Guru and then grabs him by the hair of his wife and beat her. The second leg Of the Uma was appointed so that his body was hanging head-down.

Batara Kala

Batari Uma screaming, begging for mercy with the sound of a shrill, heart-rending. Batara Guru is not concerned and called the screams Of Uma was like the sound of raksasi. Due to the Batara Guru has ajian Kawastrawam, make what he is saying to be true. The instantaneous form Of Uma was changed to raksasi bad way.

Batara Guru regretting the curse, but it was too late. Since that time Batari Uma renamed Batari Durga and was ordered to stay in the Forest Setragandamayit, lead the ghosts and demons. Someday he'll turn out gorgeous back if mixed by a most youthful of the five Pandawa brothers.

Batari Uma has been renamed Batari Durga was receiving the decision of the husband with a feeling of sadness. He then left the Heaven Argadumilah and go to the Forest Setragandamayit to build a heaven private in there.

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